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I try not to have enemies.  (This is sometimes difficult when people are determined to be my enemy out of the blue, when I never heard of them, don’t know or care who they are, and have no idea why they’re so mad at me.  I’m like, “Wow, have you ever listened to music?  It’s nice!” and they’re like, “Yeah, I bet you think it is, you lopsided, warmongering, stinky-breathed Zionist!”)  But, like most bloggers, I do have foils — people whose point of view does such a good job of putting my own point of view in high relief.  It’s especially helpful if you have to come up with strong opinions on schedule! You don’t want to be constantly wringing your hands over how wrongy wrong wrong everybody is; but it’s perfectly legitimate to say, “So and so says X, and that helps me to clarify why I think Y, instead.”

But you can, of course, fall into some bad habits this way.  One of mine has been to casually dismiss protestants as a whole.  This habit probably formed partly because my parents used to be protestants, and so I’m used to thinking of Protestantism as the thing my parents were wise enough to abandon when they joined the Church.  But that’s lazy and unfair.  They would not have become Catholics at all, maybe, if they hadn’t first been baptized at the Community Bible Chapel.  And I know so many holy and generous people who are protestants, I’m kind of disgusted with myself when I think about the careless things I’ve said.

This all gelled for me when I read this takedown of — heh heh — one of Michael Voris’ by the thorough and grounded Dave Armstrong who used to be a protestant himself.  (The reason I said “heh heh” is because I have no problem using Michael Voris as a foil.  No problem at all.)



It doesn’t matter how you feel about contraception — this is funny:
YouTube Preview Image
The only things that really matter to me as a woman, indeed.



Okay, I know almost nothing about Dartmouth College, but this tickled me:  apparently they hired an Anglican bishop to be some kind of dean or spokesman or what have you.  To the astonishment and revulsion of some, it seems that this fellow either is or was an actual Anglican.  Quelle horreur!   (Also, this is college level writing?  At Dartmouth?  Ugh.)



Can I just say this?  Putting a beach ball on the altar at Maria Maggiore is tacky.  It just is. You can put flowers on the altar, but beyond that, that is a sacred place, and it makes sense to reserve it for very carefully proscribed gestures, words, and blessed vessels.   I don’t think it rises to blasphemy or something, but I wasn’t crazy about it.  I get that it was a spontaneous gesture, and he was probably dedicating the young participants of World Youth Day to the care of Our Lady, but it’s still a damn beach ball.

But too bad!  He’s the Pope!  He gets to do tacky stuff if he wants to!  Good heavens, can you imagine if we had gotten an African pope?  Then we’d see some heads exploding.


Slice of life from our house.  Sophia (7) and Irene (4) are in the bath. Sophia wants to change spots.

Sophia:  “How about we do the old switcheroo?”
Irene:  “How about we do the old get-outta-my-way?”


Then there’s this:
YouTube Preview Image



There’s still a little bit of summer left, right?  Still time to enjoy a drink we just discovered:  a Stormy Weather.

  • 10 oz. Ginger Beer
  • 2 oz. Rum, dark
  • 1 dash Lime Juice


Have a great weekend, everyone, and don’t forget to check out the other quick takes at Jennifer Fulwiler’s blog.  We’re going to see my husband’s sister and her husband, hooray!  It’s been a long time.  Hey, Rosie and Scott, I will try very hard to get rid of the old tadpole water before you get here.

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  • Jeni

    Here’s a comment. Did I crash the computer?? :P

    I am guilty of the first point for sure. Not always, but at times. Lazy is right. I ama work in progress though.

    And the Dannon thing is hilarious. I want to know what Dannon actually thinks of it. I bet some corporates laughed their butts off actually. I hope it does some eye-opening (in addition to making you regular and infertile. Or not).

  • Beadgirl

    Weird Al???? AWESOME.

    Also, your girls are a lot more polite than my boys. They just shove and climb over each other.

  • bearing

    I love the piece by Dave Armstrong. It sounds like I need to read that particular Vatican II document again. It matters so much that we remember (a) to use the term “brethren” /”separated brethren” reflexively, as a reminder that Christians are in fact brothers, and (b) to remember that those who are born and raised in a Protestant Christian faith are not themselves guilty of the sin of separation.

  • Jenny Uebbing

    Hahahahahaha….everyone needs a foil.

  • SalomeEllen

    Carefully “PREscribed”. “PROscribed” means forbidden, which probably should apply to the beach ball…

  • Mary

    I talked to the Blessed Mother, she said she appreciated the Jersey and the Beach Ball, that it reminded her of the 3.7 million Catholics (young and old alike) celebrating the joy that is WYD. :)

    • Josh

      Yeah, but if someone would have given her the option of a keychain shaped like a dolphin, she may have appreciated that more. And I think that was what Simcha was getting at.

      • Mary

        eh, when I was praying the Rosary, she told me, ‘wasn’t the beach ball just perfect to capture the joy’…but, then again, it was private revelation, so I should be careful about sharing ;)

        • Josh

          That’s a great gift, to be able to converse with her like that. I was only making a silly joke, not implying anything about your conversation. Next time you talk to her, ask her to pray for my friend Chris. She’ll know who you’re talking about.

          • Mary

            I was kind of just making a joke too :) BUT, I will ask her- to pray for your friend Chris :)

          • Josh

            That’s funny. Well played. Thanks for the prayers.

  • Tony G. Pizza

    Simcha, as far as the beach ball is concerned, ““The gift you have received…..give as a gift”. Mt.10:8. He is not being irreverent but unpretentious. St. Maria Maggiore is a stunning church, I was there at Christmas week last year. The Blessed Mother would be, IS thrilled.

  • Josh

    I’ve been avoiding signing up with Discquise, but I need to chime in on this vitally important topic.

    The Dark ‘n Stormy is the World’s Greatest Summer Cocktail and if it weren’t for the gay lobby in the curia, Francis would have already released an Apostolic Exhortation in praise of it. (Just ask Voris. He knows what I’m talking about.) Unless the mixer is ice, I don’t like mixed drinks and I don’t otherwise drink rum, but I love Dark ‘n Stormies.

    Black rum (Goslings), really gingery ginger beer (we prefer Reed’s Extra Ginger) and a good squeeze of lime. I go with a 1:2 or 3 rum-to-ginger ratio. Glory of God in a cup. And spiced rum =/= dark/black rum. Not that spiced rum is immoral or anything, but it’s not the same. Also, this drink will not inspire prayer if you use regular ginger ale.

    You’ll see this drink with different names because Goslings trademarked “Dark ‘n Stormy” and people don’t like to be sued.
    Every cookout we host, we serve Dark ‘n Stormies to rave reviews. I’m so happy to see this blog spread the good word.

  • richard

    The rum recipe I will have to try.

  • Andy, Bad Person

    I love your take on the beach ball thing. It sums up my thoughts exactly.

    Also, I love the Weird Al cameo in #2.

  • Jordan

    My favorite part of the Dannon skit was the hand stirring the pills into the yogurt as another hand attempted to paint its nails.