At the Register: A Fool and Her Gender Studies

Do you see what happens?  Do you SEE what happens when you treat gender like a problem that needs to be solved?

  • TheodoreSeeber

    My wife breastfed, but I stayed home for the first six months of my son’s life. Ten years later, Mom is stay-at-home and runs a daycare out of our house, and I can’t have an evening without my son demanding daddy time.

    My suggestion- breastfeed, but *every day* daddy should make time for a nap with the baby on him, singing to the baby.

    • Rebecca Fuentes

      That was my husband’s favorite way to do baby-time. We also co-sleep and at about 2, the toddler switches to sleep with daddy (usually because I’m pregnant again). Our kids ADORE their daddy.

  • silicasandra

    Ugh. I’m so ashamed I lapped this up for four years as an undergraduate. It’s ridiculously sad that a movement that claims to want to end sexism has such a problem with sexism – it’s impossible to embrace anything feminine as good, even when it’s *clearly* biological (there’s a lot of loons in the “gender studies” departments out there who even doubt the existence of biological differences between the sexes – saying those are only social constructs, too.)

  • Drake Steed

    Another Lebowski reference!