Help a mom of 11 go to nursing school

Here’s the short version: a Catholic mother is raising eleven children on her own.  She is trying to raise money to go to nursing school to support her family.

She’s not looking for an easy ride.  In a recent blog post, she says,

 Yesterday I had my third appointment with the state in regard to funding my Pharmacy Tech class.  It is a certificate class, therefore it is not covered under financial aid.  My hope was to be working as a Pharmacy Tech by January, so I could afford to live while going to Nursing School.  (Nursing School the long way – 2 years from next September done.  Nursing School the accelerated way – 1 year from next January done, super intensive, and they won’t let you work, because there’s no time.  I’m applying to both.)  The state will give up to $3500 for unemployed adults or displaced homemakers to get quick training for employment.  Pharmacy Tech training is only $1000.  I brought in proof of a job search, several employment ads from the area and a brochure from the school stating Pharmacy Techs make an average of $38,000 year – about double what I’ve ever made.

The woman I met with was super kind and very helpful, but she told me that they’ve only ever placed two Pharmacy Tech students of which neither finished the program.  She also looked up labor statistics in our area and said entry level was $10.17 an hour.  Apparently, the Norwich/New London area is the third most economically depressed in the country.  They are only currently placing people in cross-country CDL training or machining.  Great.

But she always finds bright spots to report.  Skim her blog, and you might not even realize that she’s telling a story of struggle.

If you can give a little bit, please help her find her way toward a better life.  This is a strong, determined, courageous woman who needs to see some kindness and goodness. If you have a blog, or on Facebook or Twitter, please pass it on!  Again, her Indiegogo account, where she’s raising money to go to nursing school, is here.



  • simchafisher

    I hear that the ex-husband has lots of time and energy to create new screen names for himself, to leave nasty comments. So I’ll just leave the first comment myself: bring it on, you son of a bitch. Make my readers mad, and watch your ex-wife’s account go through the roof.

    • Kate Cousino

      Ooh, ooh, I wanna see this guy run up against The Jerk!

      That’s possibly not very charitable of me, eh? Sigh.

    • Margie

      He made himself look crazier than a bucket of meth-addled cats on Mark Shea’s blog. I’m mad that it hurt Kristin, but I could not help but laugh and laugh at the absolute absurdity of every word he posted. His actions prove he’s a complete degenerate, but his words ice that crazy cake with trainwreck-tastic hilarity. I know I’m not being very charitable by saying so, but if he starts commenting, you’ll see EXACTLY what I mean.

  • Leticia Ochoa Adams

    You are so awesome to do this!

  • SteveTirone

    This f’ing guy needs to be, umm, corrected. Old-school Brooklyn style.

  • Kelly Seppy

    Thank you and God bless you, Simcha! I feel the same, and went a few rounds with him and his alters over there. I posted to my blog, too, but my following is the lovely, biblical number 33. :)

  • Kimberly Cordero Reisinger

    Please be assured of my prayers, although I wish we could contribute $. My hubby was laid off 5 months ago. But I happy to lift others up, to remind me how our trials are insignificant compared to the cross others have been entrusted with. And if the SOB is reading this, I am praying for you too. So there!

  • Liz Hornback Feuerborn

    I’m glad you are doing this and I hope and pray she raises the amount and more. She is a good person. We should pray for the conversion of her nasty husband. As awful as he is (and I know it’s REALLY bad) we, as Catholics, are supposed to love our enemies.

  • Michelle

    Why does the ex do this? He’s either a sociopath, or Kristin has become for him the living embodiment of his conscience. And how do I know this? Aside from the fact that I specialize in armchair psychology, I know men like him—in one case, personally. Pray for them. They’re on a greased slide toward hell and need to be caught by the scruff of the neck as they slide by.