Gut yontiff, Pontiff!

That’s what the Jewish Daily Forward can say to Pope Francis, because they just named him one of the 50 most influential Jews in the United States.  (Apparently they traditionally choose two non-Jewish candidates who show “respect and an understanding of Jewish culture”).

Of course, they could just as easily have chosen Benedict XVI


or John Paul II

Or Pope Paul VI

or Pope John XXIII

and of course Pope Pius XII.

So next time you meet the pope and want to wish him “happy holidays,” go ahead and sing out, “Gut Yontiff, Pontiff!”  He’s the Pope.  He’ll get it.

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  • chezami

    SSPX asplodey heads in 3… 2…. 1.

  • Anna

    Do they also traditionally choose someone not in the United States?

    • simchafisher

      The other non-Jewish person was Angelina Jolie, apparently.

      • Anna

        Yeah, I saw that at your link. It’s the “50 Most Influential Jews in the *United States*” that’s tripping me up a bit with the pope.

        I didn’t know Angelina Jolie was known for her understanding of Jewish culture, but I guess she gets applauded for all sorts of things, so why not that?

        • simchafisher

          Oh, got it. Yeah, i don’t know know anything about her. Isn’t she some kind of ambassador?

          • moseynon

            This is news to me, but apparently Angelina Jolie has served the UNCHR as a Goodwill Ambassador for many years. In 2012, she was named a Special Envoy for Refugee Issues. She has visited a large number of refugee camps as part of her UNHCR mission.

            But that isn’t why the Daily Forward chose Angelina Jolie. They selected her because she carries the BRCA gene mutation, which is disproportionately prevalent in Ashkenazi Jews. Her risk of breast cancer was very high, so she publicly announced her intention to have a preventive mastectomy. The attention she brought to this issue spurred a large number of women to seek screening for that mutation. Her announcement also bolstered efforts to prevent a biotech company from patenting the mutation.


  • richard

    Earlier this year, out of a plethora of books about Pope Pius XII, I chose to read Soldier of Christ by Robert Ventresca. It is detailed and well-researched.