Barbie alternatives!

We are doing some Christmas shopping today, and I just discovered that Melissa and Doug make what look like very nice dolls for girls.  We’ve always had good luck with Melissa and Doug products.  They are sturdy and pleasant.  (Not a paid endorsement or anything. We just like Melissa and Doug.)

These dolls are 14″, so a few inches taller than Barbie – but Barbie clothes wouldn’t fit anyway, because the M&D dolls aren’t rail thin with giraffe legs. Don’t get me wrong. With seven daughters and steadily declining standards, we have collected approximately 3,487 Barbies, including mermaid Barbie, fairy Barbie, chef Barbie, vet Barbie, surfer Barbie, miscellaneous fashion Barbie, and of course several incarnations of that perennial favorite, Soulless Streetwalker Barbie.

So, no judging.  I would just rather see my kids playing with this:


Lindsay Bride Doll 

instead of this:

Barbie 2013 Collector Doll

Melissa and Doug have several 14″ dolls besides the bride:  ballerinas, princesses, etc.

Are you buying dolls this year?  Come across anything nice?

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  • Monica

    If you like soft dolls, the ones from Magic Cabin are really nice. They’re kind of expensive though–anyone who’s feeling crafty, they sell kits so you can make your own.

  • Nan

    Barbie? Who the hell is she? We didn’t have Barbie. Except for the one that slipped by the censors; it was a gift from someone who didn’t know better. I have 2 sisters. She has 3 girls. Apparently they sold Barbies in six-packs in those days. I discovered, as an adult, that the doll was a Barbie when my mom brought home a Smithsonian magazine with a fold-out cover featuring bunches o Barbies. There she was! The magazine was for a Barbie-collecting friend but her modern Barbies bore no resemblance to the bitch-faced Barbie I had as a small child.

  • MW

    The M&D bride doll would be a great first communion gift!

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    My daughter, who is 7, wants Monster high (because her cousin who is 8 gets to have them) and American Girl (have you seen the price on those! Eek!). The M&D doll would be a good stand-in for American Girl if it comes in brunette. Monster High is not welcome here (nor is Bratz).

    • DeirdreMundy

      Tell her she needs to buy it herself. Then have her save up her Christmas, Birthday, Allowance and random grandparent money for it! It was a good lesson for my girls, and they really value the dolls since they had to work hard and delay gratification to get them!

      • Rebecca Fuentes

        We told her we would cover half if she saved up the first half. I will offer the M&D dolls as an alternative she could save for instead–especially since they have ballerina ones.

  • We have boys so we’re buying Skylanders dolls. Soooo many Skylanders dolls. At least the new Skylanders are meant to be pulled apart, unlike my sisters’ Barbies.

  • DeirdreMundy

    My girls each saved up for a year to buy their own American Girls dolls. We’d had Our Generation dolls from Target, and they’re fun, but their hair is just not as nice as AG hair. That matters a lot to little girls.

    We have Barbies too… mostly princess ones, since my kids prefer the ball gowns to the boring clothes….. For small people, the Fisher Price Little Mommy Dolls hold up FOREVER and are great babies.

    Also Target has these cute mini baby dolls for about $3 each that have totally won my nearly-two-year-old’s heart….

    A caveat– we don;t do the boycott thing, so some of these companies may be off limits to some of your readers… I can’t keep up with who’s evil at any given time. (Well, I know Hobby Lobby is good. Other than that?)

  • Mrs. Amen

    I’m so excited to see this year’s Holiday Barbie! She’s gorgeous! Really. I mean it. I’ve been collecting Barbie dolls for years and started buying them for my daughter before she was born. I love the fantasy and sheer unrealisticness of the dolls. DD is only 16 months old and isn’t allowed to have her dolls yet, but when she is old enough, she will have all the Barbies she wants. And all the Saint dolls, and all the other kinds she wants; I just love dolls. *hangs my head in shame* I’m done now.

  • Michelle

    I know I’m a bit late but how about dressing Barbie differently.