Like a lark who is learning to pray

Yesterday, we went to another lovely concert at the public high school that my oldest two kids attend.  As usual, I was stunned at the variety of music presented:  old and new vocal and instrumental jazz, medieval hymns, funny arrangements of secular Christmas songs, even a Sephardic song about the sighting of a star at the birth of Abraham.  And they were good.  They opened with the entire band playing “O Come All Ye Faithful,” and then the various choirs filed in, singing, from both sides.

When I was tried to sneak quietly back into the auditorium after taking the little guys for a bathroom break, the choir director, who was taking a break too, grinned and whispered, “Bless you!”  I don’t even know why.  For dragging little kids out at night in the freezing cold, I guess, just so they could hear some good music.

For the second song on the program, the stage cleared and six high school girls tottered out to the mics — every one of them wearing black or red dresses, some skin tight, some buttcheek-high, some of them constructed of evil-looking lace, straps, and bands.  One girl wore black booties with a stacked wedge, but the others were balancing atop black or red heels so high, it looked like a novelty act when they started to sing:  look, this girl can sustain a high C without breaking an ankle!

There’s no other word for it:  they looked awful.  Too young to look sexy, too sexy to look young.  You know what I mean.

PIC Bratz doll face


And what were they singing?  “The Sound of Music.”  They sounded good, sweet, young.  God help me, I cried.  Of course everything makes me cry, but I was just so glad, so glad that someone was teaching these girls music.  You could see what else they had learned about beauty.

To the choir director:  bless you, too.

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  • Anna

    See, it’s probably because they go to public school.
    Actually, the public high school that two of my siblings attended (part-time) had a great music program too. I always liked going to performances and was impressed with the mix of outstanding music.

    • Laura Rydberg

      All I’m gonna say here is that I went to a parochial school all 12 years and still hid bikinis in my closet and pulled off sweaters to reveal verboten tank tops when my parents weren’t looking.

      • Anna

        I just figured I’d jump start the flame wars that always hit Simcha’s comboxes when the topics of modesty or schooling arise. Both together – whee!

  • Martha Oram

    That music will sustain and feed what is good in those girls – I know, that’s what my high school music program did for me. Years later, that longing for such beauty is what brought me into the Catholic Church.

  • Public schools (being ‘inclusive’) really should have a strict dress code or choir robes for this type of event- I bet some of those girls’ families didn’t have the money to buy those stacked heels, etc- but the girls knew the others would be in their holiday ‘finery.’ Modesty aside, uniforms and dress codes and choir robes can be a mercy for those who don’t have the money

  • rachel stroumsa

    Cuando el Rey Nimrod! Isn’t it beautiful? My grandfather actually used to sing it for Passover (Nimrod = Pharaoh, etc.)