Because nobody wants a nicely-wrapped box full of pre-order

Because nobody wants a nicely-wrapped box full of pre-order December 20, 2013

Planning to buy my book as a Christmas present, but disappointed the print version is only available for pre-order?  Have I got the solution for you!

Click here: giftcertificatehighres*to download a pdf of the above certificate, which you can then print out, put in an envelope, put in the bottom of an enormous box, wrap it, give it to someone you love on Christmas morning, and then point and laugh at their crestfallen faces when they realize it’s just a piece of paper!  Then tell them it’s marriage building.

P.S. You have to actually pre-order the book.  Don’t forget, it’s also available as an ebook for Kindle or Nook, an as an audiobook!  You can also pre-order directly from OSV.

And yes, I totally stole this pre-order certificate idea from the brilliant Jennifer Fulwiler, whose spiritual memoir is now available to pre-order

*No, I couldn’t figure out how to change the title without somehow wrecking the pdf.  I’m a lover, not a pdf name changer.


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  • Betsy @parentingisfunny

    Looks great. Love the clever cover!