At the Register: Embarrassment vs. Shame

While I was writing today’s post, I whined on Facebook:

Can’t tell if I’m struggling because I have hold of an important idea that is worth working through, or because I’m tired and stupid and making something out of nothing.

to which the wise and paternal Mark Shea responded:

 Catholics are a both/and people.

Anyway, here it is, the piece I might as well have entitled: PLEASE MISUNDERSTAND ME!  Okay, end of preemtive whine.


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  • Dan F.

    You called it. ::hugs::

  • Jonenred

    they don’t call Shea the Pastry Pontiff for nothing..

  • sans culotte

    Good article. I think in the past there was a huge amount of bad stuff that came out of shame culture. Like girls swallowing bleach because they were pregnant, even though killing yourself and your unborn child is a much greater sin than getting pregnant outside marriage. It’s a bit like swallowing a rat to catch a fly. I think this is what people are reacting against. You wish they would for goodness’ sake get over it and start taking seriously the problems caused by telling people just to do what seems right in the moment, or what makes them happy, but the damaging effects of shame have writtent themselves large in people’s minds.