At the Register: What Planned Parenthood Needs

News flash, Cecile:  Abortion is not and never has been #WhatWomenNeed.

(Our pipes have been frozen for a few days, and my hair is in desperate need of washing; so my vanity won’t let me post a picture of myself holding a #WhatWomenNeed placard.  But if you want to join in the fun with New Wave Feminists, where you can find a template for the placard, my suggestion for What Women Need is “PEACE IN THE WOMB.”)

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  • anna lisa

    How can you flush toilets and clean the kitchen…..?
    It’s so warm and dry here it’s eerie. My first grader just got this little hour glass from his teacher, to help promote 3 min. showers, because we are now in a serious drought. I can’t remember a more beautiful winter in my life though. Hopefully the lake in front won’t dry up. The last time that happened, decades ago, we literally had a plague of locusts that incubated in the sludge and then infiltrated into every nook and cranny of the house. They all ended up dying and we had to sweep them up by the thousands.
    Planned Parenthood is the same eh? A bunch of parasites (that gestated in the sludge) that will eventually fall victim to their futile quest.