Why Benny doesn’t walk the dog

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As imagined by my nine-year-old:   My  husband pointed out that, while the older kids are almost always gentle and patient with Benny in real life, they jerk her around a lot in their art. Whoop, there she goes! … [Read more...]

Catholics, Cotton Candy, and Comeuppance


  And I says to myself, I says, Sorry, Shakespeare! Sorry, Homer! Sorry, Flannery O'Connor and Evelyn Waugh, Somerset Maugham, Mark Twain, Faulkner, Melville, Doestoevsky, Chaucer, Joseph Conrad, Dickens, and Thomas "Joyboy" Mann. Sorry to you all, but you have got to go, because I'm fairly sure that on page 243, right where nice little college girls and college boys could read it, someone got in someone else's pants and didn't drop dead of the clap before the end of the book. … [Read more...]

Moving past the urge to truth-bomb

Loved this post from What do you do, dear: Learning when (NOT) to talk to strangers about my child's disability.  She says that when she was first learning to adapt to her son's spina bifida and paralysis, she would make sure to correct the heck out of every stranger who made an innocent, incorrect assumption. I was basically punking any well-meaning stranger who happened to cross my path. No one was safe.There was the older gentleman at the camera shop who noticed my stroller and commented … [Read more...]

Rational Catholic continues dismantling the shoddy science in Dr. Deisher’s vaccine/autism study


The indefatigable Rational Catholic, still undeterred by accusations of being an enormous meany-pants, has provided us with part two of what will be a three-part series explaining why there is no reason to accept Dr. Theresa Deisher's study proposing a link between vaccines and autism.In part one, Rational Catholic teased out the problems with Deisher's statistical methodology. In part two,  Problems with Deisher's Study: Biological Implausibility, Rational Catholic systematically d … [Read more...]

In which I narrowly avoid Jesus Juking the heck out of you

sunflower house

Back in the spring, I said to myself, "This is the year! This is the year I'm going to plant one of those glorious sunflower bowers for the children."  "This is so simple, even I can't screw it up!" I thought.  "They can pretend they are fairies living in a flower fairy home, and it will be a Nice Childhood Memory Guaranteed!"So, we chose some seeds that become hardy, mammoth flowers, we picked a sunny spot, measured out a generous circle, dug, fertilized, planted a … [Read more...]

Should Catholics read anti-Catholic materials?

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 Do you know what happens when you only read things that you already know you are going to agree with? Your brain becomes a marshmallow: soft, white, undifferentiated, and incapable of doing anything besides sitting there harmlessly until someone decides to take a bite of you.  Read the rest at the Register, which includes a picture of a German Medieval sculpture which is either Mary or an ancient Babylonian deity, an extended comparison to a hot air balloon because I saw one on a … [Read more...]

Tantrum Ergo Sacramentum

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Which hymns would be appropriate for a Mass which culminates a celebration of all things pertaining to family life? Here are a few suggestions, from someone who's spent the last 17 years drowning in rejoicing in Catholic family living:Recalling the importance of preparing oneself for the sacrifice of the Mass: "Seek Ye First Your Shoes and Socks, Then We'll Deal with Your Hair"Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/blog/simcha-fisher/tantrum-ergo-sacramentum#ixzz3DhzYnlnjRead the r … [Read more...]