At the Register: Speaking of Empty Promises

I don't trust you to save me from sin if you can't even bring yourself to say "sin." … [Read more...]

I’ll be on Al Kresta today at 5 Eastern

I know, I already said it, but I wasn't sure of the time. Now I am!  I really enjoyed this interview. Al Kresta is a funny guy, and very smart.  You can listen live here. … [Read more...]

At the Register: Should You Get a Dog? A Quiz

Why are you asking me? You've obviously made up your mind already, you fool. … [Read more...]

Bathwater Saints

Guess what I lerned on Facebook the other day?  Nah, you'll never guess, so I'll just tell you: Abby Johnson is a fake pro-lifer.  She just sits on her ass (that's a direct quote) and bathes in publicity, without actually accomplishing anything.  She's not really pro-life -- not pro-life enough. This statement is so patently nutty that it's hard to even know how to respond.  Abby Johnson, who is pregnant, appears to spend almost no time sitting down -- busy as she is with And Then There … [Read more...]

I’ll be on Al Kresta on Wednesday the 5th (probably)

Radio schedules fluctuate, so the air date may change, but I am doing the taping today.  And I can't find the DVD remote.  So, tune in to Kresta in the Afternoon on Ave Maria Radio, if only to hear the circus noises in the background.  I am making this three-ingredient snow dough in hopes that it keeps the kiddies occupied. Lots of stuff in the works, including a giveaway of two signed copies of my book. In the mean time, if you have read the book, I would be very grateful if you would … [Read more...]

A note about comments and blocking people

Every five or six days, I get an angry or hurt email from someone demanding to know why they've been blocked.  In approximately 100% of these cases, I haven't blocked the person.  What it is, is Disqus (and sometimes the Register commenting system) nets someone's comment for mysterious reasons that make sense only to the borg brain.  That's all. It happens to me, too -- sometimes I can't even comment on my own post.  Sometimes I post a comment, and it shows up, only to disappear later. … [Read more...]

Oh, New Hampshire.


We got our dog, Boomer, when he was one year old.  It wasn't a name we would have chosen, but it suits him pretty well; and we didn't want to confuse him, so we kept the name, and we've been calling him Boomer since Christmas. Today I dug up his vet records so I could get his license.  Turns out . . . I guess I'll go git it engraved on his colla. … [Read more...]


"Not you! The other 'varia, a literary term meaning a miscellany or collection!"

1.  This may not be as funny as I think it is, but I am this year's Runner Up Smartest Blog in the Sheenazing Awards! I have been so swamped, I completely forgot to tell you to vote for me, but it's hard to imagine a better result. I think "runner up smartest" is stretching things a bit, but I'm grateful for the award.  Lots of good blogs recognized there, maybe some you're not familiar with.  Thanks, Bonnie, and anyone who voted for me!   2.  Most bizarre thing I've read all … [Read more...]

At the Register: You Want Ethical Stem Cells?

We may have found them -- free of the ethical horror of embryonic stem cell research, and cheaper and faster than current methods of ethical stem cell therapy. … [Read more...]

Speaking of parents as primary educators of children. . .

I'll be speaking about parents as primary educators of their children on the Son Rise Morning Show this Friday morning.  Seven of my children will be at school, and the other two will be watching Dinosaur Train.  The baby will be yelling, 'WHERE 'DUC-TER????" every time the Conductor goes off the screen.  The dog will be pawing frantically at the door of my bedroom, where I do radio interviews, because the only, only, only way he wants to spend his time these days is playing Lonely Dog Rodeo … [Read more...]