Oh, New Hampshire.


We got our dog, Boomer, when he was one year old.  It wasn't a name we would have chosen, but it suits him pretty well; and we didn't want to confuse him, so we kept the name, and we've been calling him Boomer since Christmas. Today I dug up his vet records so I could get his license.  Turns out . . . I guess I'll go git it engraved on his colla. … [Read more...]


"Not you! The other 'varia, a literary term meaning a miscellany or collection!"

1.  This may not be as funny as I think it is, but I am this year's Runner Up Smartest Blog in the Sheenazing Awards! I have been so swamped, I completely forgot to tell you to vote for me, but it's hard to imagine a better result. I think "runner up smartest" is stretching things a bit, but I'm grateful for the award.  Lots of good blogs recognized there, maybe some you're not familiar with.  Thanks, Bonnie, and anyone who voted for me!   2.  Most bizarre thing I've read all … [Read more...]

At the Register: You Want Ethical Stem Cells?

We may have found them -- free of the ethical horror of embryonic stem cell research, and cheaper and faster than current methods of ethical stem cell therapy. … [Read more...]

Speaking of parents as primary educators of children. . .

I'll be speaking about parents as primary educators of their children on the Son Rise Morning Show this Friday morning.  Seven of my children will be at school, and the other two will be watching Dinosaur Train.  The baby will be yelling, 'WHERE 'DUC-TER????" every time the Conductor goes off the screen.  The dog will be pawing frantically at the door of my bedroom, where I do radio interviews, because the only, only, only way he wants to spend his time these days is playing Lonely Dog Rodeo … [Read more...]

Purity of Essence

Happy 50th anniversary to Doctor Strangelove!  I came pretty durn close to naming my book How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love NFP, with a special bonus chapter on p.o.e. Yeah.  Imagine that cover. … [Read more...]

I think Taylor Marshall May Actually Be the Walrus

johnny and taylor

Look, I know Taylor Marshall is a good guy.  He is a courageous and clear spoken advocate for the faith (a little bit of "NFP is for when you're schizophrenic or in a concentration camp" kookiness notwithstanding); and he has that wonderful, alt-universe-Johnny-Cash face: But this aggression will not stand, man:  Marshall asks,  Did the Beatles Promote Abortion? Marshall zeroes in the covers for the albums Sgt. Pepper and Yesterday and Today as evidence of the Beatles' sinister … [Read more...]

At the Register: Are You Raising Your Kids?

Take a squint at how you're raising your kids.  The general impression should be "up, up, up." … [Read more...]

Just enough Gores and Gateses; too many Africans

woman firewood baby

In the interest of environmental responsibility, Al Gore suggests that all African women should bear four children. This is, at least, what Al Gore surely anticipates when he speaks of "making fertility management ubiquitously available" to African women.  He says that "If you get the health improved, if you get the availability of contraceptives, then families will voluntarily choose to have less children."  Surely he and Tipper had good health and access to contraception when they bore … [Read more...]

I generally don’t like the term “anti-life”

wheelchair truthers

I don't think it describes everyone who accepts abortion, even those who accept it enthusiastically.  People and their motives are more complicated than that.  But I don't know how else to describe people like this. For their sake, I'm hoping they suffer from some kind of mental illness, because otherwise, damn. … [Read more...]



Because all of a sudden, it's in stock!!!!!!!!!!!! Buy The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning straight from the publisher, Our Sunday Visitor or from Amazon.  I just happened to go the page and realized it was in stock! It says there are only 19 copies left! If you were darling enough to pre-order my book a month ago, it should be winging its way to you very soon! Good heavens! … [Read more...]