7 Quick Takes, in which I have fun doing my penance

simcha speaking

Okay, so I'm slow. I just got around to reading Francis' interview with America magazine, and now I want to do a quick round-up of last week's Catholic Women Rejoice conference in Vancouver, WA.(photo credit Caitlin Elder) --1-- It really was obnoxious, but I asked one of my dear, extremely busy hostesses to find me a priest who could hear my confession.  Because airplanes.So she did, and he found the time, and we found a sacristan who could open the confessional for us, and it … [Read more...]

At the Register: Ten Reasons You Should Get a Dog, Like, NOW

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Let's see 'em make a canoe out of this! … [Read more...]

Do you have a motto?

Okay, so I'm finally getting around to reading that America interview with the Pope.  Haven't gotten too far yet -- just up to the part where the interviewer has asked him who he really is. And he repeats: “I am one who is looked upon by the Lord. I always felt my motto, Miserando atque Eligendo [By Having Mercy and by Choosing Him], was very true for me.” And then he goes on to talk about mottos, of St. Ignatius, of John XXIII.I love the idea of having a motto -- especially if you can chan … [Read more...]

Gov’t shutdown means food pantries need help – UPDATED


I know, I know, Big Brother is too big, and it's super fun to crow about what a vast improvement it is when government is shut down -- no more panda cam, boo hoo hoo.But for many people, the shutdown is no joke.  Since our fearless leaders in Washington are covering themselves with glory (and I include both parties.  I'm completely disgusted with every last one of them), there are plenty of Americans who face genuine hardship.The WIC program will run out of federal funding in a few days, … [Read more...]

I’m no expert . . .


and yet I feel like there must be another solution besides this:  … [Read more...]

At the Register: Predictable News Flash: Pope Mistranslated

Gawrsh, who could have predicted that he didn't actually say the weird things they said he said.A couple of other things:  when he said "I'm humble enough," I'M PRETTY SURE THAT WAS A SELF-DEPRECATING JOKE.  He must be aware that the press is always going on about his humility, and it must bug him.The other thing is, he said that youth unemployment and lonely seniors are the greatest evil in the world, or something like that.  Obviously he doesn't think that's true.  This tells me that (a … [Read more...]

The CWR conference, and another Creighton training opportunity!

SO! I'm home from the fantastic, amazing, grace-filled Catholic Women Rejoice conference!  I got home around 1:30 this morning, so I have not been able to put together a post about the conference yet.  Let's just say I thought it was going to be great, and it was 100 times greater than that!  300 women laughing and crying together, eating and praying together, helping each other with their babies,.  Mass was wonderful, some of the vendors were just outstanding, and I still have a sore throat fro … [Read more...]