Oh, Francis-haters, you sound very lovely when you get played that way.


Good heavens, I'm completely disgusted at some of the comments I'm reading about Pope Francis' "snub" of some concert.Here's the only completely sensible thing I've heard: this is a big deal about nothing.  As one commenter pointed out, maybe the guy had diarrhea and didn't feel like telling anyone.  Maybe an old friend is on his death bed.  Who the heck knows?  We don't.  I'm fairly sure it wasn't just a passive aggressive fabrication when "an archbishop told the crowd of cardinals and I … [Read more...]

We’re getting a dog.

" . . . and once you and I get 'fetch' down pat, I'm gonna train Mama how to use Photoshop, because this is just embarrassing."

It's a long story, but the basic principle is, "If you're gonna do something stupid, go big."  So we have an appointment to drive three hours and pick up a nice little puppy who happens to be a Great Dane/German Shepherd mix.  I have zero experience with dogs, but my husband has owned tons of them.  So I know he'll have this guy completely under control in no time, no matter how big he gets. While we're waiting for this little guy to be weaned, we're thinking of names.  All the k … [Read more...]

Seven Quick Takes, In Which I May Be a Bit Dehydrated


1.  Yay, Patheos tech team!  They brought my archives over from my old blog.  My pages, too, which I'll be updating soon.  Stay tuned for a list of top ten favorite posts, or at least top posts which seem entertaining without triggering any calls to child protective services.2.  My Register post is up:  The Happiest Voice.  Last week I had The Saddest Voice.  I think I'm onto something here.  Stay tuned next Friday for The Voice Which Best Exemplifies Perfect Indifference.3.  In a recent … [Read more...]

Last day of school!


and I may have cut it a leettle bit too close, snackwise.    … [Read more...]

Yay, archives!

Thanks so much to the Patheos tech team for importing my archives from my old blog!  My pages are here, too.  I'll be updating those soon -- some of them are a bit out of date.  I'll continue posting links to all my Register pieces.I'm still working on redirecting my old feed subscribers to my new feed, or however you say it.  In the mean time, please do subscribe to this blog, or follow me here.  You can subscribe via email, Twitter, Facebook, or RSS feed.  You can also find my personal Twit … [Read more...]

Hey, Gentiles!


This is what I've been trying to tell you.  You are not getting nearly enough chicken fat, beets, or fish jelly in your diet.  Or tzimmes (which sounds delicious, but is basically a bunch of strangled root vegetables with hot prunes).  Yes, gentiles, if you ate more food that looked like this:you wouldn't need this:Found in my local grocery store circular.  Oh, New Hampshire. … [Read more...]

I may have to start following football.

Or become a 1970's lawyer, one or the other.  Check it out. (language warning) … [Read more...]