. . . now we have What Would I Say? — the app that sifts through your old Facebook statuses and comments, scrumbles them around, and makes them into new statuses which sound almost human, and almost just like you. A couple of my favorites from SomechopBot (“Somechop” is my Facebook name because never mind): “Benny has tucked her halfeaten apple inside my shirt and her hand in a bona fide theologian!” “Update he’s lost four new tires, and a… Read more

for something to write about.  So far, this is what I got: Read more

Wellity, wellity, wellity. Look who’s the number one bestseller in Catholicism (and a number of other categories) on Amazon with Saints and Social Justice:  A Guide to Changing the World.  BRANDON VOGT, the young upstart!  And all because (a) he had the wonderful idea of putting together a book about what Catholic social justice really means, and the saints who lived it; and (b) he’s introducing the e-book for only $3.19. Brandon says on his blog: [A]s a Protestant college-student… Read more

Uh, I mean, uh, um, OHHHHH, how beautiful is the body of woman in all her mystery!  Ovulation filmed in close-up for the first time (this is in 2008). BTW, this would totally be me, in the middle of having surgery to have my uterus removed, and still squeezing out another egg just in case, because you never, never know. I am so tired. Read more

In-between shifts, social worker breastfeeds babies in Zamboanga evac center MANILA – For literally giving all she can, Evalinda Jimeno, a social worker of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), has earned the admiration of evacuees sheltered at the Joaquin F. Enriquez Sports Complex in Zamboanga City. According to the DSWD, Jimeno was hailed by the refugees evacuated from the chaos and violence wrought by an ongoing standoff between the military and a faction of the Moro National… Read more

People need to hear this more.  Will Duquette (are you reading Will Duquette?  You should be!) says It is true that the first stages of Eros are like shooting the rapids on a river: exciting and scary, and great fun, especially if you’re an adrenalin junky. But mature Eros is that like that same river, downstream: wide and deep, flowing strongly, deeply peaceful but in no way static or stagnant. Oh, yes: and sometimes there’s sex involved, and it gets… Read more

Great interview with Bonnie Engstrom of Ignitum Today is up today.  An excerpt: You talk a lot about how you and Damien have grown and overcome a lot of the struggles you had early on in your marriage. Was here a specific turning point for you? A moment where you said, “Aha! So this is what God wants me to do/say/understand!” If so, when was that moment, and what precipitated it? No one specific moment, no.  There were several “believe… Read more

See for yourself. Read more

Ha- this is funny.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz stumbles into the people-who-read-too-much mispronunciation of “misled”: I recently ran into this myself, when I was recording my audiobook last weekend.  It seems that I use kind of a lot of words that I am not 100% sure how to pronounce.  (John Herried called this “Homeschooler’s Syndrome.”  Oh lawsy, there she goes again, attacking homeschoolers!!!1!)  It happened a few times, but the one I really struggled with was “minutiae.”   I asked the… Read more

This is why I consider commercial boycotts to be largely a spiritual and symbolic exercise, at least at the personal level.  I refuse to buy anything with “Nestle” written on it, for instance, because of their repulsive treatment of third world babies; but I know the only difference it will make is if I consciously offer up the (miniscule) sacrifice that involves. Anyway, I usually buy store brands of food — but aren’t those often made by the same corporations, and… Read more

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