Beep Beep Yesh

A little musical compromise.Here's your puzzle for the day:  when I went to upload the image of the baby onesie with the Poison logo into the Register's photo bank, it said there was already a file with the same name uploaded.  Already a file with the same name.  What? … [Read more...]

Seven Quick Takes: The Thing and the Other Thing, and so on up to seven

1.  Scott Richert is raising funds for the Rockford Area Pregnancy Care Center with a walk for life.  You may know Scott for his yeoman's work on  I consult his Catholicism page all the time, and am very grateful for his clear and thorough information about the Church!  His fundraiser is on fire right now, and he has blown past several goals already.  If you want to get in on sending a lovely big check to this very worth cause, check out the RAPCC fundraising page.2.  A couple of d … [Read more...]

Humblesse oblige

The sweetness of obligation. … [Read more...]

Translating Bergoglio

My sister, Devra Torres, helped to edit and translate a new collection of letters, addresses, and homilies that our pope gave when he was archbishop.  Today's post is a short interview about the experience of working closely with the words of this man we're still getting to know.Oh, and here's my current favorite photo of him, in case you haven't seen it:The Papa and the paci.  So nice. … [Read more...]

Let Loose the Kraken

Ray Harryhausen, master of the stop motion animation in Clash of the Titans and Jason and the Argonauts has died.  Tom McDonald has the scoop.Here's one of my favorite scenes, right down to the pouring forth of the ketchup at the end:That hairy, herky-jerky stop motion look is a thousand times more sinister and otherwordly than smooth-as-silk computer animation, innit?  It's like the monsters are moving in a slightly different kind of air from everyone else, which is as it ought to be.  R … [Read more...]

The joy of not being sold anything

. . . is not the same as not being told anything. … [Read more...]

Putting a bird on it

Comic books, sci fi movies, and now Portlandia.  I guess it's pop culture week on the Register? … [Read more...]