Or maybe not.  Who cares?  Oh man, we love Godzilla.  Anyway, it has Bryan Cranston, who, I don't know if everyone's saying this or not, but he plays pretty much the same character on Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad.  Right? Good for him for cashing in.The only thing that could make me more excited right now is if they used that magnificent Godzilla theme music:Take note:  This is what I want played at my funeral. … [Read more...]

At the Register: Advent for Adults

Advent and Christmas aren't meant to be only for children.  Here are some ways adults can participate in the season of preparation. … [Read more...]

SGNFP audiobook now available for purchase

sgnfp audiobook

It's been released from the nebulous realm of "pre-order," and now you can just plain order it: from, the full text of the Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning, read by me.  The perfect gift for a really weird commute! … [Read more...]

In which I reveal to the Catholic News Agency why I write instead of ad libbing


Great interview questions from Keri Lenartowick; highly long-winded answers from yours truly.  One reasonably sensible part:  Kerri asks about teaching millennials about NFP.  My answer: I think that people of that age are in the habit of questioning reality. When something is presented as true, they just automatically question whether it's 'really really true,' or just 'fake-true,' so I think it's very important to be very clear with people that this is not a trick – this is not some kind of il … [Read more...]

Let the little kittens come unto me

nativity scene cats

File under Things Jesus Would Be Okay With: [E]very year, a colony of feral felines seizes control of a nativity scene organized by two Brooklyn sisters. As soon as the creche comes out, with its hay bale and warm lights, the cats take up residence.PIC nativity scene with catsvia Jezebelmore photos here   … [Read more...]

Advent reading?

de sales

Most of my Facebook friends are Catholic, so I often see quotes about spiritual matters on my feed, often with the comment, "Needed to hear this today!"  And then the quote is something like, "We must strive to love each other always!"  Okay, sure, fine, I guess I needed to hear that.  Or sometimes it's like, "You say to  me, 'I wasn't feeling up to putting on eyeliner today!' and I say to you, 'You weren't feeling up to glorifying God in all things.  Shape up, loser.'"BUT, sometimes I hear s … [Read more...]

Archangel Radio is rebroadcasting my live hour

wngl radio

This was tons of fun to do, so I'm glad the're rebroadcasting it.  If you  hear "Catholic radio" and think "borrrrrr-ing" then you need to listen to the live hour on WNGL.  These guys are hilarious.  There was shouting.  Shouting about NFP.The show I was on will air tomorrow, Tuesday, Dec. 10 from 7-8 a.m. CST and again at 9-10 p.m. CST.   You can listen online here. … [Read more...]