Work out your salvation in fear and shoveling

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Prayers for Jennifer Fulwiler!

Jennifer Fulwiler was admitted to the hospital Wednesday afternoon for pulmonary embolisms in both lungs.  Hallie Lord passed along this update this morning:They are holding off on surgery (though it's still an option) due to the size of the PEs and the fact that she is pregnant. Right now she's just on heavy doses of blood thinners and being watched closely. It's great news that the night passed without incident, but until the PEs are completely dissolved, it remains a very dangerous and … [Read more...]

Really Nowhere Near 50 Books!

Happy stupid new year, everybody!  It's supposed to be our first day back at school today, but we're keeping everyone home, waiting for the phone to ring, hoping that the idea of nine kids coming in to the hospital to be tested for strep throat is just as terrifying for the doctor as it is for us, and that she will just call in prescriptions for everybody.  Maybe just a giant vat of penicillin, which I will pour into the tub, and we can just swim around in it for a while. I wouldn't even mind t … [Read more...]

“Yes. . . and no!”

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Blessed are the uncertain

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This holy family

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I love you all.

Well, yesterday was a pretty great day for me.  This is how December's stats shaped up:Now, my blog generates no revenue whatsoever, no matter how many clicks I get; but even if it did, that's not what I'm talking about.  It was the astonishing outpouring of support and encouragement that made it just completely wonderful.  So many people took the time to write a letter to my editor -- and boy, I know how busy people are right now!  That in itself was fantastic.But what struck me mos … [Read more...]