This is what my husband refers to as one of my "stupid, but SMART stupid" posts, and I think he's half right.  Me, I was just looking for an excuse to get to that last joke, which I am prouder of than any other achievement in my entire life. … [Read more...]

Happy birthday, Ezra Jack Keats!

If you can believe it, his very first book was the exquisite The Snowy DayI love the sense of quiet alertness conveyed with those blocks of color,love that giant Mama,love the simple portraits of the little sorrows and the great joys of childhood.This was one of the first children's books about a black kid.More seasonable, another of my favorites illustrated by Ezra Jack Keats is Over in the Meadow:My favorite counting song, so cozy and satisfying, and the … [Read more...]

Start your week off right . . .

with the inestimable Betty Butterfield recounting her experience at St. Assisi Francentine: It had a lot of flow to it, but a lot of it caught me off guard. … [Read more...]

Clearing up a few things

 And get offa my lawn. … [Read more...]


Poor thing. … [Read more...]

You belong in a museum!

We went!  The worst thing that happened was that one kid got a bloody nose on another kid, right in front of a John Singer Sargent.  But that could have happened to anyone. … [Read more...]

Start your week off right . . .

with some Willie Frickin Nelson!"There's more old drunks than there are old doctors, so I guess we better have another round."  Also, songwriters take note:  two minutes, forty-one seconds, the end.  That's how you do it. … [Read more...]