1.  Today, I’m very pleased to be part of a neat website called 3 Things for Mom, created by Lauren Warner (who is the wife of Matt Warner, of Flocknote and Read the Catechism in a Year fame).   3 Things for Mom delivers bite-sized nuggets of information and insight from one mom to another, with a truth, a tip, and a find.  Their line-up includes moms who are, oh, editors-in-chief of Martha Stewart Living and Redbook, writers for the NYT, producers of the Today Show,… Read more

Why I’d rather read the Gettysburg Address than the Declaration of Independence this year. Read more

What a weird, sad, wretched century this is turning out to be. Read more

How lunch with friends turned a little bit Children of Men-ish. And that’s all for me today, folks!  I got home from the ER at 3:30 this morning with a baby with bronchiolitis.  Never had to deal with that before.  Baby is doing much, much better today, but I think my husband and I are going to need some oxygen to get through the day.  My hat is off to all the parents who deal with medical emergencies — asthma, diabetes,… Read more

A reader writes: I know you used to homeschool but you do not anymore. Since stopping, have you found any blogs or support groups or anything of like for Christians with kids in public schools? Our kids are going to school in the fall and I am NERVOUS. Oh, yes.  Nervous. The decision to stop homeschooling was one of the hardest ones I’ve ever had to make.  Lots of nightmares about whether it’s worse to send my children off to be… Read more

In honor of the feasts of St. Peter and St. Paul, the Catholic Textbook Project is giving away a free history textbook of your choice.  To enter the drawing, go here and leave a comment. When we were homeschooling, we did use textbooks, especially for history.  It’s great to read source materials and flesh things out with novels and activities, but nothing can replace a solid, through, well-researched textbook.  I’m not familiar with this company myself, but long-time reader and… Read more

Sometimes, it’s all you have to offer. God bless Mel Brooks, and happy birthday, you dirty old man.  Like all the great comics, all of his works (well, most of them) have a core of sweetness that make you feel, when you’re wiped the tears of laughter out of your eyes, like life is worth living after all. Here’s something to keep in mind as you wrap up a week of discussing vital issues and ideas with your fellow citizens (LANGUAGE WARNING): Read more

Treated a little harshly on the internet yesterday?  Liz Lemon feels your pain. Read more

This is kind of weird, but you can buy greeting cards and fridge magnets printed with a quote by me.  It wasn’t the most brilliant thing I ever said, but someone at Quotable Cards plucked it off the internet and wrote up a contract, so I signed. Got a kid who is graduating or otherwise leaving the nest?  You could go with Rudyard Kipling’s “If,” or Robert Frost’s “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,” or, heaven help us, Dr. Seuss’ most tedious work, “Oh… Read more

I try to avoid hand-wringing, but today, I don’t know what else to do. Read more

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