The distressing disguise of the hussy

Once again, not really a post about modesty, but about responsibility. Later today, I'll be doing a brief spot talking about modesty on the Michael Coren show The Arena.  It will be via Skype.  I have a bad internet connection, I will be home alone with three kids age five and under, and I don't have any clean walls to use as a backdrop for my talking head.  Also:  talking about modesty on TV?  Are you freaking kidding me?  WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR??????But other than that, I'm fine. … [Read more...]

This is why . . .

I love Mark Shea.  I don't agree with everything he says, and I don't always agree with the way he says the things I agree with.  But when he apologizes, he apologizes.  Take note, everybody who's ever sinned!  I also know through personal experience that he is a generous man to the core.  I understand that sometimes the Holy Spirit makes our sins stand out to us in high relief; but I hope that Mr. Shea will also have his merits shown to him.   His clarity, honesty, and perseverence have converte … [Read more...]

Mother Eye/Father Eye

Our first day at the beach, finally! We went for a quick evening dip at the town pond. First I had the camera:and then, seconds later, my husband had it:Heh. … [Read more...]

Why I’m Wearing This

Ohhh, I get ranty. … [Read more...]

Parents as Catechists

Even if your parish is doing a good job, it's still mainly your job!  And no, I am not above offering cash prizes to kids who memorize things.Here are some of the books I recommended in my post.  As always, if you want to buy any of these books through Amazon, I would be most grateful if you would do it through these links!  I get a small percentage of each sale, which makes a huge difference in keeping our family afloat, especially during Birthday $ea$on.  (If you get to Amazon through one of th … [Read more...]


My husband and I usually agree on movies.  We don't have exactly the same tastes, but when we find a movie we both want to see, we generally agree on whether it was bad or good, and why.  Last night was an exception, though.  We watched Django Unchained (2012), and he liked it, but I sure didn't.SPOILERS AHEAD.Disclaimer:  I was only halfway paying attention for the first half of the movie.  But that was actually one of the problems we both thought the movie had: the first half was a thou … [Read more...]

Bleg: Did you or your kids attend a college summer program while in high school?

Where did you go, what did you learn, and did you end up attending that college? Best and worst memories? Are you thinking of sending your kids this year or next? Tell!Thanks! … [Read more...]