Life with Bonnie

I don’t get to watch this show every week, but when I do, it always has some great laughs. There was a recent episode with the Smothers Brothers in it and it was so funny. Sure they sang that same old Spanish song that they turn into German. We older folks have heard it so many times, but in the show they played two brothers who run a construction company who used to have their own show but now “they don’t want to talk about it.” Older, yes, and funny as ever. Bonnie plays a morning talk show host so it’s a show within a show. This is comedy, pure and simple and it features a woman in the lead. Bonnie’s first show last year featured these two Italian cooks making Tiramisu. One did the work and the other one said his job was to watch. I have lived with an Italian nun who was a cook, and it was so realistic I laughed til I cried. Someone had an inside line on that one. Just enjoy.

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