13 Going on 30

I was in Tulsa last week to speak at a conference of religious educators and a couple of women came up to me and asked if I had seen this film, starring Jennifer Garner and released earlier this year. I had to admit I had not, although Jennifer Garner is one of my favorite new stars (ALIAS is my guilty pleasure, as I think I have mentioned before.) These two ladies said: the main character is not a nice person, and she grows and changes… the movie is a thoughtful surprise.

I admitted that I had not seen the film and this past week my sister and I rented it while on vacation. We really enjoyed it! The two ladies were so right.

The movie begins with Jenna’s (Garner) 13th birthday party and the consequences of the choice she makes about who her friends are.

The film is an excellent journey into the moral imagination; it’s an unconventional conventional romantic comedy with lots to talk about: who we choose for friends, the fidelity of friends (or lack thereof), greed, power and finally, growing up; the consequences for the choices we make – or not. 

The type for this commentary is pink because the movie is kind of … pink. But it’s an excellent film that even us older folks can enjoy.

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