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Dr. Phil, Tuesday, Sept 27 CBS 4:00pm

My sister Sarah will be on Dr. Phil this coming Tuesday about how her son, Gabriel, died playing "the choking game". I have not shared this tragedy with those who read the list before, but I hope you will tune in and watch this show. Dr. Phil said during the taping that almost 500 known cases of this kind of teen death happens each year in the USA - and probably many more. Please feel free to share this information with others and help prevent another tragedy. Blessings, Sr … [Read more...]

Greatest Game Ever Played, The

          In the late 1800’s a poor family on the British island of Jersey is evicted from their home to make way for the construction of a golf course for gentlemen. The son, Harry Vardon (Stephen Dillane), grows up to be the only six-time winner of the British Open Gold tournament in history. Years later when he is visiting Boston he gives tips to young Francis Ouimet who is fascinated by g … [Read more...]

Lord of War

Yuri Orlav (Nicolas Cage) immigrated to Little Odessa in Brooklyn when he was a young boy in the early 1980’s. Besides his parents (played by Shake Tukhmanyan and  Jean-Pierre Nshanian) his little brother Vitaly (Jared Leto) came as well. Although the family was Catholic, it was easier to get out of the USSR if you were Jewish, so the family took on that identity and opened a kosher restaurant in Brighton Beach.   One day when Yuri was grown and doing nothing in particular, he entered a … [Read more...]

Unfinished Life, An

Einar Gilkyson (Robert Redford) lives on a broken down cattle ranch outside of a small town in a beautiful valley in Wyoming. He is about seventy years old, and cares for his friend of forty years, Mitch (Morgan Freeman), who lives in a cabin near the ranch house. Einar is edgy and crusty; Mitch is partially disabled and in pain. They argue with one another as old friends. Each day Einar milks the one remaining cow and visits his son Griff’s grave on the hillside. His wife left him when he s … [Read more...]

40 Year Old Virgin, The

Andy Stitzer (Steve Carell, The Office, Bruce Almighty) works in the back room of an electronics store. He lives quietly at home, alone, collecting collectibles, playing video games, watching Survivor with his neighbors, and riding his bike to work.   One day the guys at the store invite him to a poker game. When the talk and bragging turns to chicks and babes, Andy tries to keep up but cannot because he has no experience. He’s a virgin. So four of the guys decide to help him get laid. M … [Read more...]

Exorcism of Emily Rose, The

Theological Horror: The Exorcism of Emily Rose   On a bleak, cold, dark November day, a man arrives at an isolated old, sinister-looking Victorian farmhouse situated in the middle of nowhere. The farm and house look abandoned at first, but a priest appears in a second floor window and beckons to the man below. Inside, cats screech, an old clock ticks steadily, statues of saints and a crucifix look down on a woman and her teen children. The man is the medical examiner come to pronounce a … [Read more...]

Entertainment Industry and Katrina

Posted with permission from; this blog will only accept a certain number of words, so I am posting here the information about what the Entertainment Industry is doing to help in this situation. For web sites and phone numbers of where you cn donate and/or find/contact relatives in the gulf area, please see for the impressive list they have gathered. CYNTHIA TURNER'S Cynopsis - Hurricane Katrina Relief Funds09/05/05Good morning.  It's Tuesday, September 6, … [Read more...]

Canticle of New Orleans

This was written by one of our Sisters who is from New Orelans... R Canticle of New Orleans By Margaret Charles Kerry, fsp Waters of the earth, bless your Maker. Be kind to the people who need you to quench their thirst. Hold back your raging destruction of flood and overflowing banks. Be kind to the city that sings about you in legend, that travels over you to unknown places. Unite people - do not disperse them. Waters of the earth, bless the Lord! Winds of sky, bless your Maker.Keep cool … [Read more...]

Constant Gardner, The

A garden-loving, mild-mannered, single British diplomat Justin Quayle (Ralph Fiennes) returns to London to give a speech in the place of Sir Bernard Pellegrin (Bill Nighy), the Queen’s ambassador to Kenya. When Justin finishes the boring speech a young woman, Tessa (Rachel Weisz) confronts him and asks piercing questions about the role of the British in the current war in Iraq. The audience, embarrassed by her, departs but when Justin approaches her she apologizes and asks him out for a drink. T … [Read more...]

Brothers Grimm, The

  In the late 1700’s in Germany a young boy, Jacob goes to search for medicine for his small sister. When he returns with a handful of beans instead of medicine, his brother Wilhelm browbeats him. After all, Jacob believes what the man told him about the beans, that they are magic and will cure his sister.   By 1796 the two brothers, Will (Matt Damon) and Jacob (Heath Ledger) have become a couple of charlatans who travel around French-occupied Germany ridding towns and villages of w … [Read more...]