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First,   Venice Musings   There is cigarette smoke everywhere.   But you have to give it to the Italians, They will crawl over all kinds of arms and legs to get a seat, talking all the while on a cell phone. No problema!   It is another beautiful day in Venice. Yesterday got a little interesting. I fell in the Pala Lido theater. The steps are uneven and made of rough cement. I should have stayed seated til the lights came up but I dropped my cane and when I took a step to … [Read more...]


ROMANCE DE VILA DO CONDE and O VITRAL E A SANTA MORTA By Manuel de Olivera   These two short fims seem to be the fading work of de Olivera .. who is 101 years old and still making movies... because they both lack his usual  brilliant photography and though the poems have religious content, Catholic, that is, they were not so inspiring. Narrated montage…   PUCCINI E LA FANCIULLA   In 1909 … if I got the date right … the housemaid of Puccini,s wife at their villa on the lake, ki … [Read more...]


NOWHERE MAN   A Belgian film about a man who takes advantage of his neoghbor,s housefire to fake his death and disappear to a remote island where he has bought what he thought was a nice piece of real estate. He has been living in fear that his beautiful wife will leave him, and is dispirited, disappointed and depressed. He finds that his island paradise is in ruins because some kind of insect had invaded the island and ruined commerce. Life is extemely hard and after five years he … [Read more...]


AKIRES TO KAME Or ACHILLES AND THE TORTISE   Thursday, August 28th, yesterday, was very interesting!   ACHILLES AND THE TORTISE is a Japanaese film about a young boy who grows up to be an artist, a painter. Although it seems simple, the protagonist is almost devoid of emotion because he is so focused, but he is kindly. He brings an excellent harborscape painting to a gallery owner who kew his father and he gives him all kinds of advice over the years. Why the main character never goes … [Read more...]


JERICHOW   Wednesday, August 27th finished off with the German film JERICHOW, the first film in competition of which there are 21 all together plus tons of other films. I will let you check … the Internet Movie Database for fimmaker details, or you can visit the Venice film Festival,s official site.   JERICHOW is a German film about a dishonorably discharged soldier who had served in Afghanistan, a Turkish man who owns a chain of snack shops and his G … [Read more...]

Burn after Reading Opens 65th Venice Film Festival

BURN AFTER READING is opening the festival tonight, but as I mentioned, jury members and the press were able to see it this afternoon.     BURN AFTER READING is very funny. It is a convoluted caper that combines marriage, politics, and everyday people who get caught up in a fabricated conspiracy. I think the Coen Bros. were sitting around one rainy day with nothing to do and they let their imaginations go into ,free range, mode. They get a little lazy with the overuse of the ,f, … [Read more...]

Venice Film Festival 2008 Day 1

65th Venice Film Festival  Journal 65 Mostra Internazionale d-arte Cinematografica August 27, 2008               Greetings one and all from Venice, Italy. It is about 90f and the sky is as blue as blue can be. The Adriatic Ocean is right across the street and the few peeks I got of it today show it reflecting the dome above beautifully.   Ear Plugs             I arrived … [Read more...]

Pastoral and Evangelizing Communication Online Course to begin

Pastoral and Evangelizing CommunicationFive Week Online CourseIf you are interested in taking an interesting course, please contact Richard Drabik at the University of Dayton. I think there are only a few days left for registration. Or you can go to to register. This course integrates pastoral communications with ministry and life so very well. Richard R. DrabikUniversity of DaytonInstitute for Pastoral InitiativesInternet and Technology Team937-229-3874Toll-Free … [Read more...]

Historia de un Letrero The Story of a Sign Cannes 2008

This short film epitomizes the ability of the language of film to communicate on its own terms. People do get metaphor if communicators (of all kinds) believe in our human capacity to tell, integrate, and understand stories. Remember, film (and television) are the only two art forms that take place completely inside your head and heart.Beautiful.Enjoy.RTags: Film Studies, film … [Read more...]