Sundance comes to a close with impressive award-winners


Me with producer Lionelle Cerri, left, and director Giorgio Diritti, both of ‘There Will Come a Day’

The 2013 Sundance Film Festival came to a close with an impressive list of award-winners. Of these, I saw and reviewed seven of them: “Circles” (review below), “The Square,” “Who is Dayani Cristal?“, “Crystal Fairy,” “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints?” and “Upstream Color.”

According to the Sundance website, “The 2013 Sundance Film Festival presented 119 feature-length films, representing 32 countries and 51 first-time filmmakers (including 27 in competition), and 65 short films. These films were selected from a record 12,146 submissions (429 more than for 2012), including 4,044 feature-length films and 8,102 short films. 103 feature films at the Festival were world premieres.”

With this post, I would like to complete the reviews for the films I was able to see and have not yet written up or mentioned.

“When I Walk”
Documentary directed by Jason DaSilva
80 minutes

One day, when 25-year-old filmmaker Jason Da Silva was at the beach on a family vacation, he collapsed on the sand. He had been recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, but this was the first time his body had given out on him. It was a swift journey to a wheelchair and a special scooter for the handicapped.

This personal film, filmed and edited with help from his indomitable “think positive thoughts” mother and his new wife, Alice, documents Jason’s journey with secondary-progressive MS, arguably the worst form of MS a person can get. I have MS of the relapsing-remitting variety for now, and if I find MS a physical and spiritual mystery and a challenge on every front, I now have a sweet, funny, brave and bold champion whose response to the unknown future of a fickle, exhausting, humiliating illness gives me courage.

When Jason and Alice move to Brooklyn    ….. Click HERE to continue reading reviews

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