Hollywood studio secures film rights to Boston clergy abuse investigation

Writer/director Tom McCarthy (The Station Agent, The Visitor, WinWin) will co-write and direct the yet untitled film

The Hollywood Reporter announced Tuesday that Dreamworks and Participant Media have obtained the rights to the Boston Globe’s yearlong investigation of clergy sex abuse in Massachusetts.

The investigation by the Globe’s “Spotlight Team” of reporters and editors led to the resignation of Cardinal Bernard Law, the former archbishop of Boston. The 2002 revelations have had worldwide repercussions for the Catholic church that continue today in terms of allegations, settlements and pastoral policy.

The Globe won a Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for its coverage of the scandal in 2003.

Tom McCarthy, who wrote and directed “The Visitor,” “The Stations Agent” and “WinWin” will direct and co-script the film with veteran television writer Josh Singer.

(I wrote this post for the National Catholic Reporter this morning; I wonder from which or whose perspective they will tell the story? Visions of “All the President’s Men” come to mind – about the Watergate coverup – and it is a film I can watch whenever it is on.  But how to tell this story? I think Tom McCarthy has some of the strongest human stories out there that are infused with what I believe is a strong sense of Catholic spirituality – or one that is consistent with a Christian view of the human person. So I hope that this will be a film marked by McCarthy’s established integrity. )

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  • http://breadhere.wordpress.com Fran Rossi Szpylczyn

    This could go so many ways… But, it is a big story, and I think that if it is told in an appropriate way, it will could be a good thing. It will be painful for so many, no matter how it goes though.

  • http://neilallen76.wordpress.com/2012/12/19/why-adam-lanza-massacred-children-at-sandy-hook-newtown-a-theory/ Neil Allen

    Shame Francis Ford Coppola didn’t do it, since it really is a story of organized crime.

    Coppola probably couldn’t find any characters he liked in this mafia, and certainly couldn’t find any honor in any of them.

    The good thing is that new generations will see the evil, and if the director lies or distorts the truth, the truth is on the internet, and kids will share it with each other, and talk about how it was much worse elsewhere.

  • vito

    Well, the Mob characters, evil as they were, had at least some appeal, charm, charisma, a lifestyle… The these old dudes and their behaviour: simply disgusting.

  • Ann Webb

    I hope he includes the female child victims’ stories in the movie. At least 30% of the victims of priest sexual abuse were girls, yet the Globe downplayed this in their reporting, and completely ignored it in their book Betrayal.