Your script and how to find a Hollywood literary agent

As time goes by I continue to receive inquiries about writing or reading a script that will save the world and change Hollywood.  Today someone asked me how to get an agent so he can get his script to Mel Gibson. Gibson’s office finally replied to him after a year that they will only consider a script that comes through an agent.

There are many books available on screenwriting and how to get your movie made in Hollywood. You can Google these topics, or check on Amazon.

From my experience I realize that there are many hopeful writers out there who do not want to take a class or read a book; they want an immediate response for their well-intentioned efforts.

The links below (that include more links) provide realistic and practical information for you. Please read these sites carefully and plan your project accordingly.

And consider film school! Loyola Marymount University’s School for Film and Television is one of the top film schools in the world and the only Catholic (Jesuit-run) film school in the world (as far as we know).

So you have a movie idea? Want to write a script?

Screenwriter’s Guide to Finding a Hollywood Literary Agent

Want to be a film critic?

Catholic Christian criteria for awarding films

Act One: Screenwriting for Hollywood

All the best in your efforts. It’s a cliche’ but God does help those who help themselves. If you want to write a script, sell it, and have it produced and released in Hollywood, you have to follow the process 99.9% of the time.

Even if you go the independent film route, there is a process to follow and the script still has to be more than good. It has to pop off the page to attract funding if you have already worn out any “family, friends and fools” who have given you money. You can check out the Sundance Institute for information on what goes into independent filmmaking.

It takes a village to make a movie because it is a highly collaborative effort.

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