• fiorella

    Wow, Sister Rose, what a story! Thank you for bringing it to our attention; I had never heard of it, even though I’m no spring chicken… It saddened me to find out that we were involved in these abuses, and hope, like you, that now that we know, it will never happen again.

  • Pat Skidmore

    Regarding the wonderful book/ film “Oranges and Sunshine” (aka “Empty Cradles”): The first group of British child migrants were sent away in 1619 —
    In 1618, King James I ordered a group of unemployed young people to be sent to the colonies.

    In 1619 the Virginia Company took one hundred street children from the
    city of London to Jamestown, Virginia in order to supply labour to the
    plantation owners. Some of these child migrants were as young as ten and
    were seen as a nuisance and a burden to the taxpayers.

    The first child migrants sent to Canada arrived in 1833. The last group sent to
    Canada arrived at the Prince of Wales Fairbridge Farm School on
    Vancouver Island in 1948. 329 children were sent to this Farm School in British Columbia between 1935 and 1948 – 95% were not orphans.

    Over 118,000 child migrants were sent to Canada between 1833 and 1948.

    The last British Child Migrants were sent to Australia in the mid 1970s – thus Britain sent away their children for a 350 year period.

    Over this 350 year history, British child migrants were sent to the West
    Indies, America, South Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Zimbabwe
    (former Rhodesia).

    Patricia Skidmore, daughter of a child migrant and author of “Marjorie Too Afraid To Cry” – Dundurn, January 2013.