A Dangerous Man

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern is, like Joseph Wilson, both in a position to know the whole truth and brave enough to tell it to anybody who'll listen.

On Sunday, McGovern spoke to a community group in Rochester, N.Y.:

The Bush administration lied to Congress to pave the way for war with Iraq, alleged a former CIA analyst who visited Rochester on Sunday. …

“Never have I seen such a cynically orchestrated campaign over a year and a half,’’ he said. “Only a few weeks ago did Bush admit that Iraq was not involved in any way with 9/11.” …

Somewhere in the White House, two "senior administration officials" are probably busy digging for dirt on Mrs. McGovern in the hopes of creating a damaging whisper campaign.

More on/from McGovern here, here and here.

Here's what I find most interesting about McGovern. Some of these former CIA guys settle in for a cushy job with Brookings or CNN — he's co-director of the Servant Leadership School — a "people's seminary" affiliated with the Church of the Saviour in Washington, D.C.

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