Yes, but the schools are open

Let's try to remember, first of all, that the schools in Iraq have been reopened.

Don't forget about the schools — that's what this war has always been about, the centers of mass instruction. And the Good News is that the schools are open. Mission Accomplished, schools-wise.

And but so, keeping said schools always at the forefront of our minds, how else is the war going?

Not well. Or at least so says:

1. David Rieff in The New York Times

2. Eric Boehlert in Salon

3. Sidney Blumenthal in Salon

4. Fred Kaplan in Slate, and

5. Jacob Weisberg in Slate.

As you read these, keep in mind that such naysayers do not present the entire picture of the situation in Iraq. They hardly mention the schools at all.

We mustn't forget about the schools.

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  • Eric in TX

    And the best bit is, Saddam managed to have schools too!

  • Tog

    Never mind that the schools, which existed previously, were closed FOR THE WAR (probably a prudent thing to do, after all). Since the war is “over”, they opened back up. And that’s somehow an accomplishment on OUR side?