Dueling spam

Since switching over to typepad, I've been delighted by the quality of the comments and commenters here. (If you're not reading the comments, you're missing out on most of the best lines.)

Except, that is, for one guy named "Viagra." His comments don't have anything to do with the post in question — he just wants to talk about erectile dysfunction. It's kind of rude when everybody else is talking about, say, Nathanael West's heartbreaking novel "Miss Lonelyhearts" and some stranger wanders in blabbing on about erectile dysfunction.

Now somebody else, some guy named "Cialis," is trying to pick a fight with Viagra. I'm all for a vigorous, even a heated, debate in the comments, but I would prefer that debate be between commenters, not dueling spammers.

Sigh. I'm going to have to learn how that "block commenter" function works.

P.S. It's kind of strange that the Cialis spam includes all of those cautionary phrases required by the legal department for legitimate advertisements. Dude — you're a spammer. Since when did spammers try to keep the legal department happy?

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  • sushiesque

    Isn’t it rad how typepad is mysteriously conducive to intelligent commenting? (With conspicuous exceptions, of course.) Maybe smart people just don’t take to movabletype’s pop-up comment windows. Maybe they put something in the water over there at livejournal.

  • Hal

    Doesn’t the movable type black list work with typepad? I’m not familiar at all with typepad, but it’s basically MT. They should include this module as a part of all installations. I’m not sure how much control over your typepad system you have, so it might not be possible to use it.

  • Kit

    I am one of a handful that reads the xml feed via LJ’s syndication. It is important to remember that the median age on LJ is 18, and many journallers are much younger. You will obviously see some very vapid conversation as a result (no idea what the median age is here). There are plenty of intelligent people there, anyway.
    We don’t have any spammers yet that I am aware of, but now that invite codes have again been removed we may see some industrious spammer write a script.

  • The Prop

    You can use the TP feature that lets you block IP addresses (TypePad Home > Control Panel > Site Access > Comment Banning). After a spate of comment spamming a few months back word circulated on IP addresses being used:
    were the most commonly cited.