Back home

Learned several things visiting my family this week in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom:

1. My Civic starts easily even when it's -17 outside.

2. My Civic doesn't start easily when it's -32 outside. I don't either.

3. Soap bubbles freeze at temperatures below -10. This is pretty cool. The bubbles change color, looking like they're being enveloped in a kind of gray mist. Then you can catch them on your gloves, where you can stretch them around like gummy little balloons made of Saran Wrap. I hope to never see this again as long as I live.

Glad to be back.

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  • Dave In Texas

    Lord. I live in a city that rarely seems temperatures below 30F. My kids and I run around on frosty nights, seeing our breath emerge as thin, foggy streams. Once we drove to Colorado just so they could see snow.
    But -32? I don’t think I could handle seeing my breath freeze into crystal, then shatter when it fell to the ground.

  • Frank

    Every now and then when I wax nostalgic for my boyhood in the north, a note like yours reminds me of the downside. Not to mention the endless shoveling of driveways…
    Cold where I live? Nope. Have only had to scrape ice of my windshield about five times this year.

  • Jesurgislac

    I sometimes think where I live gets cold in the winter. But then I read stuff like this and realize that no, it’s not: merely chilly.

  • Jon H

    “you can stretch them around like gummy little balloons made of Saran Wrap.”
    I think that, at -32, you can do this with your own head.

  • alphabitch

    As a native of Minnesota now living in the south, I sometimes think I’m homesick for winter. Then I think it’s entirely possible that I’m insane. Glad you’re back safely.