Economic optimism

Congratulations, it seems, are in order for TBogg, who has landed a new job.

The downside here is that his new responsibilities will probably mean lighter blogging from my favorite supplier of snark and one of the funniest people on the Web.

It's probably a good thing that Tom's new company didn't hire two new people — that sort of deluge of job creation would've brought Air Force One swooping into San Diego for a photo op and campaign event:

Prompted by the president, chassis-maker Les DenHerder said the tax cuts Bush backed might allow him to hire two or three more people.

"When he says he's going to hire two more, that's really good news," Bush said. "A lot of people are feeling confident and optimistic about our future so they can say, 'I'm going to hire two more.' They can sit here and tell the president in front of all the cameras, 'I'm going to hire two more people.' That's confidence!"

So let's see, two at DenHerder's, plus TBogg … only 2,599,997 more to go!

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  • Jon H

    Maybe President Bush hired The Count from Sesame Street to be his manufacturing Czar…
    “Two, two, TWO new jobs! Ah ah ah”

  • Edward Liu

    Funny how the word “might” seemed to drop out from Len’s mouth to George’s ears.
    — Ed