More housekeeping

OK, so, two columns are better than three. Thanks, everyone, for your feedback on and patience with the three-column experiment.

Re: the "4 trillion links" in the blogrolls —

My theory here is that it's easier to keep track of a blogroll than it is to keep track of a bookmarks/favorites file of all the blogs I read, or try to read, or feel like I ought to be reading. So the blogrolls here are mainly for my own use and convenience, although I'm hopeful that others will also find them helpful and convenient.

Some of you mentioned that tucking these ever-longer lists into drop-down menus might make navigating them easier. I like the idea — I just have to figure out how to do that here in the Land of Typepad Templates. (If anybody knows how to swing that, let me know in comments.)

Anyway, since we're already on the subject, please take advantage of this thread to let me know of any glaring omissions in the blogrolls here — Are any of your favorites missing? Know of any good blogs you think I should be reading? Have any suggestions for blogs to increase the diversity in these links? (Blogwhoring is encouraged, but if you'd feel better about it, you could use a pseudonym when recommending your own site.)

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  • fe_man

    I think you might like the following, and in this order:
    Scott Adam’s The Dilbert Blog –
    I’m a whore –
    The Good Reverend –
    Good Reverend might be a little too light and biased for you, but I like it.

  • mwr

    I think I have a menu-ized blogroll figured out, but I don’t have a Typepad site to try it out on. It’ll take two parts:
    A Javascript snippet to actually go to the linked site, this will have to be included in the header of whatever template you’re using.
    A modified list template for the blogroll itself (references here and here).
    Both pieces should be visible here. If you could email me your templates, I’ll see if I figure out where to insert the Javascript.

  • A. reader
  • Geds

    Oooh, oooh, oooh! Pick me, pick me!
    I’ve always wanted to shamelessly blog-whore. Since this is the only blog I read (and, I guess, Right Behind, since I do read the things that I haven’t written), though, I haven’t had the ability to do so before now.
    Anyway, I offer a very leisurely update pace for anyone who only wants to read new things once a week or so. I’m working on a series called “Postmodern Parables,” which I think is self-explanatory. I’ll probably even have more than one up by the end of the week.

  • Geds

    Oooh, oooh, oooh! Pick me, pick me!
    I’ve always wanted to shamelessly blog-whore. Since this is the only blog I read (and, I guess, Right Behind, since I do read the things that I haven’t written), though, I haven’t had the ability to do so before now.
    Anyway, I offer a very leisurely update pace for anyone who only wants to read new things once a week or so. I’m working on a series called “Postmodern Parables,” which I think is self-explanatory. I’ll probably even have more than one up by the end of the week.

  • 85% Duane

    Re: the “4 trillion links” in the blogrolls —
    Fred, I didn’t mean it in a pejorative way. I don’t even notice the quantity of links on a PC and I do occasionally use them. It just feels like 4 trillion on a mobile device in one column layout. :)

  • cjmr

    Any way you could put the google adsense ads under the ‘recent comments’ instead of above them? For no apparent reason I cannot get adblock to block them and have to scroll way down to find the recent comments links.
    Sorry, no links to suggest.

  • cjmr

    Never mind–I figured it out.

  • Sarah Jane

    Two columns are definitely better than three. Thanks!
    It’s small-scale and ameteurish, but I’d be honored if you’d have a look at my “Faith and Foolishness” blog at

  • Lucia

    Perhaps you would like to add a section for knitting blogs?
    Or, you know, not.

  • Bugmaster

    Fred, here’s one website (of many) that describes how to make collapsible lists:
    I think they’re over-complicating things a bit though, so here’s a way to just make a collapsible div:
    The basic idea is that you toggle a div’s visibility from “display:none” to “display:block”, and then back.

  • ako

    Ballastexistenz. It’s an interesting blog that talks a lot about justice and opression and power.

  • Andrew Smith

    My favorite, because of the snark, is WTF Is It Now!? – Maru usually posts late in the day, so in the morning, I read yesterday’s postings. I try not to drink coffee while I read it, so I don’t snort coffee out my nose.

  • Jacob Davies

    Another fan of the 2-column layout here. It may be old-skool, but it makes excellent use of space and it still works well when I crank the font size up 4 or 5 notches in Firefox. And as I recall it works well on my Treo screen too.
    I don’t care about the length of the blogroll but truth be told, I almost never follow links from a blogroll, I’m much more likely to start reading another blog you read if you include a link to a specific post there in a post here.
    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I come for the writing, not the design. You have the title linked to the homepage (important!) and comments that work, anything else is gravy.

  • Bugmaster

    Yeah, I like the current two-column design way better. In addition to its other virtues, such as readability and good use of real estate, it’s free of the dreaded Big Blue Thing, as well as its border-children.

  • The Cynic Sage

    I’m a blogwhore too:

  • Daniel
    It’s the blog of a prof at Abilene Christian University that doesn’t exactly..urm..tow the party line. He’s irreverent and insightful.

  • Raka

    I’ll shamelessly mention my own blog, but it’s rather pointless since I almost never update. All my internet writings are devoted here, really.
    Um. Truly, y’all art blessed.

  • DaveM

    you asked: and and
    btw, I read your blog every day.

  • Victoria

    Left Turn Magazine, a good source for world news with a progressive/radical analysis:
    The Dispatch, a couple of my friends chronicling their service work/activism, right now they’re in Germany for the G8 protests and tell the stories that will never be told in the mainstream press:
    And my own, though lateley I’ve been lax in updating:

  • Michael Bloom

    I very much enjoy Driftglass, and since the blogroll I used to get to him from was Steve Gilliard’s which will soon go dark (with all due regrets), if somebody else I read regularly such as yourself were to blogroll him I’d be a happy camper.

  • Bugmaster

    Actually, instead of blogrolls, you could just post a link to your bookmarks page. You could add a “blogroll” tag, and just link to that. Here’s an example:

  • J Crowley

    I’m compelled to shamelessly recommend my own blog, Enter the Jabberwock. I’ve been putting more effort into it of late, and bringing on some new writers. Hope you find it amusing/entertaining/interesting enough to add. Thanks in advance if you do.

  • mcc

    At some point over the last month I was following links off people’s blogrolls, and somebody had linked to an extremely striking blog that was all about analyzing photographs from mainstream news media. For example they’d take the front page NYT story for that day or something, post a copy of the photo that accompanied the story, and analyze what was being subtly communicated by the framing of the photo, the fact they decided to run that photo and not some other one, etc. The whole thing was fascinating and about a day or so later to my immense frustration I lost the link.
    Does anybody know what this might have been?

  • benjamin

    You HAVE to read my blog because it is the best thing ever. I’m a 27 year old guy, happily married. I live in Western Australia, bla, bla. I feel like I’m writing for some ‘Date Me Please’ column. :P
    Anyway, my blog is and I update at least every couple of days.
    Also, I like it when blogs have big lists of links. It’s a good way of finding more blogs to check out.

  • alala

    Um. Just delurking to mention that I like the 4 trillion links in the blogroll, and every once in awhile I’ll click on a randomly selected one and be enlightened. I’d rather you didn’t put them in a dropdown, because other blogs I read have done that, and my experience has been that if I don’t see them, I won’t click them.

  • Nenya

    Nothing New Under The Sun, — a Taoist Roman Catholic artist/writer blogs about politics, feminism, and science fiction. I think she sometimes comments here, but I haven’t seen her here in a while, so thought I’d drop the link. I blame her for beginning my interest in social justice, among other things.
    I can live with either the three-column or the two-column, but the two-column feels more like home, so yay!

  • Nenya

    Ah, and that would be and example of what people were talking about in the thread about URLs. It’s

  • Bugmaster

    Yeah, you have to type it like this:
    a href=””
    Then you get this:

  • Rosina

    Could you please remind me which is the bit of that that we see. I think that the first bit, after the = is the actual address (and should the quotes be omitted?), and would normally be hidden; and the second, after the first >is what you see here, and could read “Like this” or anything else, but in this case is repeating the address because you want that to be the visible text.
    I had it written down, but when I tried to use it it all went wrong.

  • cjmr

    Rosina, yes, you usually can omit the quotes in Bugmaster’s example. The bit that is in quotes is the actual link (the url of the site). The bit that is between the ‘>’ and the ” is the text that you see.

  • Jesurgislac

    As you already have my journal listed, can I ask you to change it to the one I actually update, without appearing to be a shameless blogwhore?
    Probably not, but I will anyway.
    Can I recommend Feministsf – the Blog, too?

  • Jesurgislac

    Uh, that should be – that’ll teach me to try and be clever about HTML.

  • Ironicus Maximus

    Hey, every blog roll needs a link to a blog with absolutely no socially redeeming value what. so. ever. And that’s us!

  • PK

    Verum Serum
    Think Christian

  • PK

    Whoops, sorry. That should be thinkchristian.NET.
    Stupid squatters.

  • astronautgo

    Do you mean BAGnewsNotes?

  • Emilie Wright

    Dawn Xiana Moon is a singer-songwriter, writer, designer, etc. who posts a fair amount about the intersection of faith and art. I found her from Relevant Magazine. Pretty awesome musician too, though she’s a behind on updating lately–she usually posts a few times a week.

  • Aris Merquoni

    Well, as long as we’re waving blogflags, a little more traffic will probably shake some more writing out of Live from the Nuke Free Zone.

  • mcc

    Astronautgo, that was exactly it! Thanks so much.

  • magistra

    More blogwhoring here: Magistra et Mater. Liberal Christianity (from a UK perspective), feminism, medieval history and vaguely related topics. I update it somewhat erratically, but this week I have discussions of Richard Dawkins and a googol of ducklings.

  • Sarah Dylan Breuer

    I think you might appreciate two of my blogs:
    — Dylan’s lectionary blog — — where I offer reflections on readings for the upcoming Sunday in the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL). That may not sound exciting, but I think you’d appreciate the perspective from which I approach the texts; I aim to point toward their prophetic edge using solid, current biblical scholarship and a lively sense of humor, and I work with the presupposition that “accessible” is not a synonym for “dumbed down.”
    — Grace Notes — — my personal blog, with thoughts on politics, music, faith, and so on, as well as bits of silliness.
    Thanks for your own fabulous blog!

  • aizheng

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