Crazy lady accuses Barney Frank of supporting Nazism.

Frank responds.

In the words of Montell Jordan, this is how we do it.

How one responds to hateful, lying, self-righteous, self-deceiving, belligerent fools depends on one's role and one's relationship to particular fool in question.

If this woman were your sister, mother, daughter, student, teacher, doctor, patient, cab driver, neighbor or village idiot then your particular responsibility based on that particular relationship would vary accordingly. But the first step, when confronted by a malicious smug-drunk liar like this woman, is to do what Frank does here — try to sober her up with a splash of cold water and then remind her of what she already knows, that she ought to be deeply ashamed to be behaving like that.

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  • Jessica of the Meta Hari

    Oyyy. Thanks everyone for the nice comments. I always hesitate to vent a bit because everyone here is just sooo nice and I don’t want to be that “girl who can’t stop bitching about how crappy her life is”.
    And NBwaW, I’m glad that you get to spend time with your loved ones. That is awesome. Hoo-ray!
    I totally understand about the “Not Discussed in Public”. My parents were like that, to the point that they’d ignore the elephant in the room (sex, being trans, whatever) even if it sat on them. Having learned a lot of (bad) relationship behavior from my parents, I decided the best way to do things right was to start being a bit more open about it. My wife and I talk about uncomfortable things all the time, but I think it’s necessary for us to communicate, otherwise we’re dodging around what each of us wants by having to use codewords. All the awkward embarrassment just leads to a lot of miscommunication or some person just never being able to say what they really want out of sex, a relationship or even life. At some point, I realized that I needed to get over it and learn how to assert myself for who I was, and what I wanted.
    As for being open here, I tend to take some comfort in the anonymity (which is lessening with each new addition to the facebook group), but I also remember that I might be (one of) the only trans people that most others know. The need to be open about how some things are particularly difficult or sucky are not just cathartic for me, but can be somewhat educational for others. Not that I consider myself the great educator on anything about trans people, or even that I’m the only trans person on this forum (there’s two others IIRC), but that being open about that simple fact allows people to see how relatively normal I am in the other facets of my life, and can serve as at least a motivator to say “no, I know a few trans people and they’re definitely not freaks or child molesters, they’re regular people like you and me” should such a thing ever come up.

  • Raj

    In response to your last 2 posts. (You might have more along the same lines, but I’m really behind in my Slacktireading.)

  • Jessica of the Meta Hari

    Hi Raj!!! Thanks! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  • redcrow

    Lee Ratner:
    >>>There seems to be a certain set of people Such people can not help be subversive for one reason or another. I really have no idea what to do with them.
    How about… nothing?
    No, really. Who force you to do *anything* with us? No one, right? At least I hope so.
    Mainstream might be “good or at least value neutral” for *you*. Doesn’t mean that it’s the same for people you talk about.
    Do you seriously believe that people who are different – and maybe even *like* to be different – do you really think that they are just flaunting their differences to show off?!
    Idiots exist. My friend dated one such idiot (briefly). Not wanting to be “like everybody” (no one is “like everybody”!), not wanting to “conform” is not the same as trying to shock and horrify “the straights”. How do you tell the difference between extreme cases and… non-mainstreamers?
    Really trying not to be Jason’s evil twin here. I’m not even angry right now – too sleepy to be angry.

  • Ms. Anon E. Mouse, Esq.

    Jessica, you are wonderful. Thanks for being on this site.

  • Jessica of the Meta Hari

    awwww shucks. Thanks.

  • Jessica, thank you for being willing to embody the teaching moment for so many straights and cisgendered people who need to be taught. Seriously, it sucks that anyone has to take on that role – it must be exhausting, and I very much understand the sentiment “I’m not here to be your racist/sexist/hetero/cisgendered privilege 101 teacher, go look it up” – so, here are kudos and shiny internets and cyber-hugs for you, because you are awesome and above-and-beyond.
    Heh. Shorter me: Thank you for saying “my wife” and blowing people’s minds. They damn well need to be blown open wide.

  • Jessica of the Meta Hari

    Since I’m still trying to catch up on the koalas thread….
    Nicole: Thanks for the kind words. It’s much appreciated. =)