Things I don’t much care for

* Traffic lights that have the same timing patterns at 3 a.m. as they have at 5 p.m.

* Lamar Alexander's decision that it was more politically beneficial to lie about the effects of health care reform on skyrocketing insurance premiums than it would be to, you know, actually try to do something about skyrocketing insurance premiums.

* The use of e-mail sig. files as confrontational tribal war dances.

* Mars Inc.'s decision to rebrand the Twix candy bar as the confection of choice for douchebags. I'm a big fan of the combination of chocolate, caramel and a cookie crunch. I am not a fan of chocolate, caramel, a cookie crunch and the vile aftertaste of feeling like I'm complicit in an ad campaign that regards women as objects of conquest and/or resentment, and nothing more.

* Sallie Mae.

* Attempts to reconcile Lamar Alexander's decision to lie about the effects of health care reform on insurance premiums with the claim that Lamar Alexander might still be a "good person" or that he should be treated as someone arguing "in good faith."

* Snow.

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  • MercuryBlue

    Family Guy, apparently.

  • Raj

    OK, I’ll post it here too:
    sig files as confrontational war dances
    Snow flakes that stay on his nose and eyelashes
    Silver-tongued lies about health care pricing
    These are some of Fred’s least favorite things
    Candy ads marketed to loutish douchebags
    Dittoheads who give a bad name to tea bags
    Traffic light patterns that stay unchanging
    These are some of Fred’s least favorite things
    When Lamar lies
    When sig files sting
    And Fred starts to frown
    He blogs about all his least favorite things
    And yells, “SE-RE-NIIII-TYYYY NOW!”