New post up at new site

"Supreme Court strikes down key argument of same-sex marriage foes"

"No, Frank. The Republicans who run the government screwed me. The Democrats tried to help, ..."

Smart people saying smart things (1.19)
"You do realize that's a bullhorn you're using, not a dogwhistle, yes?"

Smart people saying smart things (1.19)
"The fact was and remains: Republicans didn't even have the moral and intellectual fortitude to ..."

Smart people saying smart things (1.19)
"I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit out a smarter statement than ..."

Smart people saying smart things (1.19)

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  • Gyrofrog

    Well, it was fun while it lasted. I can’t access the new site from work, because it’s blocked:
    ” Forbidden Category ‘Religion’ ”
    Yeah, yeah, so I should do my work instead of reading Slacktivist. But it’s the only place where I have time to do so.

  • Raj

    Oh. Wait. Not much point, is there?

  • Nick

    I don’t follow. How does freedom of speech apply to the situation where you refuse to hire someone because you don’t like who they’re fucking?

  • MedsFlueque

    That’s really what was wonderful for me growing up, since I got to know so many of the songwriters who liked me and thought I had talent. They would then tell me how to read a lyric and sing a song, and challenge me to try and find a different end to a song.

  • Nathaniel

    You see, one “argument” against gay marriage is that once gay marriage is the law of the land, people who speak against it will be persecuted. The fact that the Phelps Clan are still allowed to protest shows what a lie that is.

  • dmabreal
  • The_L

    Beautiful article, and one that needed to be written. I’m not sure what to think of the new, non-chronological ordering of the comments though.
    Awww, dmabus is back! I missed having incoherent ramblings to scroll past! :P