Richard Land still represents Southern Baptists on ‘ethics’

Q: Does spouting racist nonsense on your radio show disqualify you to be the chief “ethics” spokesman for the Southern Baptist Convention?

A: Apparently not.

At Nashville Scene, Betsy Phillips asks “Is Richard Land on Some Kind of Mission to Turn People Away From the Baptist Church?“:

The only people who use the term “racialist” are racists. If you’re reading material talking about “racialist” stuff, hanging out with people talking about “racialist” things, you should know that’s just a made-up word racists use because they think it sounds scholarly. If you don’t want to be perceived as a racist trying to pass off your crackpot bullshit as scholarly, don’t use the word “racialist.” Also, if you’re trying to convince black people that you’re done being a racist organization, you probably should discourage your leaders from going on their radio shows and insinuating that black people are too stupid to get upset about things unless Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton tell them to be.

The Southern Baptist Convention needs to fire Richard Land.

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  • We Must Dissent

    Fred seems to still be confusing “The Southern Baptist Convention needs to fire Richard Land” with “The Southern Baptist Convention should be the sort of organization that needs to fire Richard Land.” I thought the title of this post was accurate until I realized that Fred probably intends “represents” in the title to mean “acts and speaks for” instead of “exemplifies”.

  • Francois

    The fact that Richard Land still represents the Southern Baptist Convention says more about the Southern Baptist convention than it does about Richard Land.

  • Anonymous

    The comments on that article…. ;_;

    some on these boards need to read the WSJ-op ed


  • Anonymous

    I ran a wiki search for “racialism” because I’ve never heard the term before. One of the links at the bottom of the page was to their article on “David Duke.” I think that says more by itself than anything they can use to justify it.

    It looks like White Southern Racist Richard Land is in good company with fellow White Southern Racist David Duke. It’s like a match made in Hell/Mississippi.

  • Tricksterson

    Whats WSJ?

  • Anonymous

    Wall Street Journal. Owned by the same company that owns Fox News.

  • Anonymous

    Wall Street Journal. Owned by the same company that owns Fox News.

  • Lori

     The Wall Street Journal. Their op-ed page is notoriously Right wing, and has become even more so since Rupert Murdoch bought the paper.

  • Lori

     The Wall Street Journal. Their op-ed page is notoriously Right wing, and has become even more so since Rupert Murdoch bought the paper.

  • “Racialist” always makes me think of the Monty Python sketch about “Adolf Bitler” running for Fuhrer of Minehead: isn’t there a line where he screams “I am not a racialist, but…”?

  • Ursula L

    The SBC rejecting Land is addressing the wrong end of the problem.

    The SBC needs to reject its beginnings.  

    It needs to reject the founding principle, that slave-owning was a moral and religiously valid option for any human being.  

    And it needs to reject every decision, every choice, that followed from that initial moral and ethical mistake.  From that sin.

    In short, the SBC needs to disband, and SBC congregations need go back through over a century’s worth of church records and decisions, rejecting anything and everything that they have done since that first, fatal, crime against humanity.  And then taking affirmative and positive actions to right the wrongs they did since day-one after that horrible, vile, immoral decision to promote and protect slavery.   Every decision made, every policy choice, every action, since the very first day that the SBC existed, is hopelessly tainted by that choice, that belief, that slavery, oppression and racism were morally good.   They need to accept the logic and decisions that come from the opposite belief, the theology and policy that flows from knowing slavery is wrong and racism is wrong and equality is good.  

    I’m talking about the SBC churches owing back wages to the descendants of every person who was ever held as a slave by an SBC member.  Because they told those SBC members that their slave-owning was good.  And church properties paid for by donations from slave owners and the descendants of slave owners are owed to the people who were forced to work without pay, and their descendants.  

    To redeem itself, the SBC can’t just reject Land.  They have to put their money towards righting the vile, inhuman wrong that is their purpose for existing, the decision to support slavery and slave-owning and slave-owners. 

    Land is one person.  Fire him, and they’ll find someone just as vile, but whose vile beliefs and actions haven’t (yet) had the same publicity as Land’s vile beliefs and actions.  Because they’ll be choosing another person who is a true believer in the SBC, another person who has firm faith in a church that was founded to protect and promote slavery, oppression and racism.  

  • Münchner Kindl

    Fred, I think you’re doing this wrong by blogging here, which is preaching to the choir. From what I remember in earlier posts of you about Baptists, there is theoretically no hierachy, and (I assume like in other protestant denominations) no official barrier between clergy and laymen (except that clergy has studied theology).

    So you have the right and therefore the duty to write an open letter TO the SBC to point out the error of their ways (theologically and generally humane) to them and ask them to mend their ways. Not that I expect it do to much, either, but that’s the official way, writing to the body concerned instead of talking about them elsewhere.