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If your ship is sinking – Keep Playing.”

"Especially when you haven't even brought the kid back, and are just promising not to ..."

And his own received him not
"American Christianity suddenly has a lot more to answer for. Apparently, at least some of ..."

And his own received him not
"As expected. Let's make sure the deception doesn't stick."

And his own received him not
"As I said on the Daily Show video where Trevor is talking about that: You ..."

And his own received him not

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  • LMM22

    On Making Light, Jim McDonald points to another unsung hero, Captain Rostron of RMS Carpathia (*):

    On receiving Titanic’s distress call he turned toward and ran all ahead flank into a known ship-killing ice field.

    It’s short. It’s memorable. Read it.

    (*) Ok, *now* you can make a LB joke.

  • Dash1

    I’m really late to comment on this (as usual), but thank you for this. It’s been a delight to listen to. (I really need to expand my knowledge of good gospel music.)  

  • Steve Turner’s book, The Band that Played On, is a delightful and heart rending discussion of the band on the Titanic.  Well written, and a great history. My review is here: 

  • Dash1

     Thank you! I can think of a friend or two who would enjoy just such a book, so onto my “gift ideas” list it goes! (I’m not sure I’m quite up for heart-rending just at  the moment, but I will note it as one of those books–and these I truly love–that shows how historians do history.)

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