The Voice of Christian Youth America ties it all together

“Avi Lipkin” has to be a poe. He’s got to be some kind of performance artist — an absurdist chameleon like Andy Kaufmann or Sacha Baron Cohen.

This is the Voice of Christian Youth. Kids these days.

Because no one could possibly really believe the things “Avi Lipkin” says. Even the most gullible rubes in right-wing AM Christian radio can’t really be buying what he’s selling.

Except they seem to be. Here’s Lipkin speaking to Christian radio host Vic Eliason, explaining how Barack Hussein Carpathia began as a child to push for global sharia law and health care reform through the United Nations.

Or something like that:

The Muslim Brotherhood is going to end up either killing, converting to Islam or expelling the remaining Christians of Egypt. When the Christians of Egypt are gone, the economy of Egypt is gone. When the economy of Egypt is gone, the 76 Muslims who remain are going to starve to death. What do people do when they starve? They leave. Where do they go to? America. Who’s going to bring them in? Obama. Where is he going to settle them? In the lands confiscated by Agenda 21.

I think “Lipkin” — if that’s even his real name — started out trying to do an outrageously over-the-top parody, and then, when right-wing Christian audiences smiled and cheered, he tried pushing the limits even more just to see how far he could take this.

And so far, the right-wing Christian audience’s credulity is still outpacing “Lipkin’s” imagination and his best attempts to say something they would consider beyond the pale.

LIPKIN: America will be Muslim by 2016. 2016 is the eighth year of President Obama, meaning he is going to bring in 50-100 million Muslims because it is inevitable that all these Islamic countries cannot rule, they don’t know how to rule themselves, they are completely inept, and after they kill all the Christians that remain there will not be any economy left so you’re going to have overnight 50-100 million Muslims coming in. You cannot put them in American cities, you have got to create entire new areas populated in the United States and Canada with these Muslims.

ELIASON: Where Sharia law holds forth?

LIPKIN:Yes! So you have Agenda 21, you have Sharia law …

See that enthused “Yes!” from Lipkin? That’s the hallmark of improv. The interview makes sense if you assume he’s doing sketch comedy — an improv theater of the absurd. But neither Eliason nor his audience are in on the joke.

Eliason’s show, by the way, is called “VCY America.” “VCY” stands for the “Voice of Christian Youth.” Vic Eliason is 76 years old.

That may seem too old to be hosting a show called “Voice of Christian Youth,” but you have to remember that Eliason wasn’t born until hundreds of years after the 17th century he’s trying to drag us back to. Compared to Cotton Mather, he’s still just a kid.

* * * * * * * * *

American Family Association indignation specialist Bryan Fischer takes a break from hating on gay people to hate on black people.

This garbage — a bunch of lies about the black president’s black attorney general — is just straight up, old-fashioned racism. It’s a classic example of that weird thing where the privileged resent the oppressed. White people have it so hard, Fischer says, while blacks get all the breaks.

This is not surprising, given that Fischer also says conservatives should “unhesitatingly reclaim the ‘D’ word,” meaning “discrimination.” (He’s following outrage-machine Bill Donohue here. Donohue — the Grover Dill to Timothy Dolan’s Scut Farkus — tried out this “I want the law to discriminate” line last month.)

With Fischer spending most of his time spewing such extreme hateful garbage, the following may seem like an irrelevant bit of nitpicking. But this also needs to be said: Bryan Fischer doesn’t know the difference between Alan Scott and Hal Jordan.

“Wonder how Ryan Reynolds feels about getting outed by DC Comics,” Fischer tweeted.

Fischer works for the American Family Association, an outfit that built its reputation by protesting against movies no one at AFA ever bothered to watch. So it’s not surprising to see Fischer continue that tradition by protesting against comics he’s never bothered to read.


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  • Albanaeon

    Hey look.  Someone else that doesn’t think Romney is going to win…

  • Consumer Unit 5012

     I left the ‘Comix as EVIL GAY COOTIES” guy a reply.  Even money says it never gets out of moderation alive, so i’ll just reprint it here.


    for one, am so weary of the relentless homosex propaganda onslaught–the
    passive/aggressive techniques they use (one minute whimpering about
    being victims and the next minute crashing rocks through church windows
    or making death threats) the lies, the bullying, the manipulation,
    blackmail and buying votes.

    You left out “deliberately getting
    dragged to death behind a pickup truck just to buy sympathy.” Because
    that TOTALLY doesn’t count as REAL victimization, right?


    pretty sure fighting The Homosexual Agenda (“Get to be treated like
    first-class citizens”) isn’t much like the Balrog. If gays were
    represented by a twenty-foot-tall flaming demon armed with a sword and a
    whip, I think Congress probably would have repealed the Defense of
    Marriage Act by now. But I can certainly understand why you’d put it
    like that – it’s hard work keeping people you hate from getting equal
    rights, and most people would rather feel like a wizard than an Imperial Wizard.

  • The_L1985

    I should not read this blog, or its comments, at work.

  • The_L1985

    But Agenda 21’s not from outer space.

  • Tricksterson

    Maybe not the Lanterns, some of them I think come from species that don’t even have gender, but the Guardians?  That’s pretty much a given, they’re probably too old to actually do anything they just like dressing hot men in spandex so they can watch and send them out on missions whose real purpose is toget them sweaty.  Sinestro was too butch for this.  It’s why he rebelled and formed his own Corps.

  • Tricksterson

    So, if they bite you you don’t become undead, you convert to Islam?

  • Tricksterson

    I suppose a rendition of Frank Zappa’s “Jewish Princess” would be ina pprpriate here.

  • Tricksterson

    I think as Anti-Christ he probably qualifies as a Demi-God so Divinity rules apply.

  • Tricksterson

    What I’m wondering is did they move Madagascar or Australia?

  • Tricksterson

    No, but many of the reactions to it are.

  • JonathanPelikan

    Thank you; that really did make my day.

  • There must not be any person alive on the planet more despicable than old ugly Vic Eliason.  He’s simply a hate-monger who uses his religion to denigrate others.  He can’t even get along with his own daughter, who is as hateful as he is.  I do hope he stays on the radio though, because he can do more to destroy Christianity than a thousand atheists.