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If I do not fight bigotry wherever it is, bigotry is thereby strengthened. And to the degree that it is strengthened, it will thereby have the power to turn on me.”

“It does not surprise me that the American public is not interested in the gospel of Jesus or black liberation theology or any type of liberation theology because that theology speaks for the poor and America is not interested in the poor.”

“Quaker officials rejected the Publick Universial Friend as a heretic, but s/he went on to preach throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.”

After you steal their land, make sure you create laws to keep them from ever returning to it.”

Subverting cliches is funny and it resurrects the impact of dead imagery. Whoever called this a Fail needs to fish or get off the pot. This sign is awesome.

Speak those things that are not, as they will be.”

“It’s a vagina. I have one. 154 million Americans have one. 197,000 soldiers have one. 111,000 police officers have one with a badge.”

“When a wide array of scholars … show a scattering of studies that all come to the same conclusion, I don’t think ‘conspiracy,’ I think ‘conclusions.’

“Interested diligence of the clergy is what every wise legislator will study to prevent.”

“What is immoral is to hide what is arguably the government’s largest social insurance program behind the technocratic phrase ‘price stability.'”

“Opposition to inflation and recovery are driven not so much by a lucid calculation of economic interest than by fear of anything new and, more importantly, total ignorance as to how the economy works.”

God gives Glenn Beck the finger. About time.

Church Sign Epic Fails, Vol. XX

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  • I choose to believe that “rocket surgery” is just a reference to Star Trek VI.

  • Is it possible that the alleged fail in the church sign is actually about the fact that the way the dashboard cuts off the bottom of the address, it looks like the church is located at “2255 N. Fuck Up”?

  • PJ Evans

     Probably not, but that’s a better reason than ‘rocket surgery’. (Going by the phone number, it’s somewhere in Fullerton.)

  • Baby_Raptor

    Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who noticed that…

  • Saying, “It’s not rocket surgery” is a deliberate conflation of “It’s not rocket science” and “It’s not brain surgery”. People say it to be funny, only to find themselves being corrected by those who don’t get it.

  • Tricksterson

    I wonder if the Public Universal Friend has ever run into Emperor Norton in the afterlife and what kind of conversations they might have.

  • “Simultaneously, they will protect their own savings by screaming bloody murder every time inflation touches two percent, and thereby prevent reflation and economic recovery, and cripple our job prospects:”

    those horrible elderly people on social security who want to protect their savings.  oh my days

    “Price stabilization is social insurance we provide to the most secure members of our society”

    Of course.  everyone knows how poor people love rising prices.

    ” Price stabilization is an incredibly regressive form of social insurance,”

      inflation punishes anyone who saves.  It punishes prudent responsible behaviour. These aren’t attributable to any class.

    and he’s quoting the guy who wrote the “axis of evil speech” as a voice of reason. Now I’ve heard everything.

  • I don’t have the cite for this any more (it’s probably in Peter Warburton’s Debt and Deluison), but someone did a study of inflation and economic growth in Western countries, and found that generally, inflation below 8% has no harmful effect on economic growth.

    Also, population growth is an inevitable driver of aggregate demand, and creates a situation where demand will always exceed supply by a small amount. To the extent that demand exceeds supply and supply never quite catches up, there is one basis for a constant positive overall inflation rate.

    Economists have all sorts of explanations, but they all boil down to that a small but positive inflation rate tends to be the best of a set of alternatives for how to keep a country’s economy on an even keel.

  • friendly reader

    Blame it on Urasawa Naoki, but any religious group whose leader is called just “Friend” freaks me out a little…

     That Baynard Rustin quote has been added to my growing list of Facebook quotes.

  • neutrino- we had that under the gold standard. m2 grew by like 2% a year.  post Nixon shock and especially post -Greenspan it’s way way more. No coincidence it’s when things started getting worse for most people re: $$

  • Kubricks_Rube

    “everyone knows how poor people love rising prices.”

    That’s a nice vacuum you’re living in. If the choice is between keeping prices down and getting a job, then slightly higher prices but a job that pays some money to pay those prices wins out.

  • Behold! The Finger of God.

    Warning: Not entirely safe for work.

  • Michael Pullmann

    Isn’t “rocket surgery” itself a cliche by now?

  • Tonio

    I must live under a rock, because I had never heard of the phrase.

  • Tricksterson

    Me either.

  • John Harland

    Anyone else getting System Shock 2 flashbacks from the post title?

  • kubricks- what if you don’t get a job. then you have higher prices and no job.

  •  True. And you shouldn’t go to job interviews, because if you don’t get hired you’ll be out gas money/cab/bus fare and a few hours of your time.

  • what about all the people who are struggling now? You want people who are barely getting by to not get by?

    inflation is a tax on everyone and the idea that it is somehow regressive is crazy. rich people have plenty of money, it doesn’t matter as much if things cost them more. 

    Is Greeces problem deflation?

  • Varunreg

    Social Security is inflation indexed. Stuffing money in the mattress is not good for any economy. Inflation only hurts those.