That side was made for you and me

Google’s doodle for the Fourth of July worked in the words of the great Woody Guthrie: “This land was made for you and me.”

TBogg ventures over to Michelle Malkin’s corner of the Internet to find that this did not go over well at all with the right wing:

“Google is carrying on it’s tradition of sneering contempt for all things patriotic and American.”

“Nothing like a celebration of a communist on Independence Day.”

“Scumbags from Google celebrate the 4th with a Communist anthem.”

Reading that made me realize that the following video is a horrifying nightmare to those folks. And since folks like that enjoy nothing more than fantasizing that the world is filled with their nightmares, I can give them no greater gift than this wonderful moment in which Pete Seeger, Bruce Springsteen, a choir of young people, Oprah Winfrey, the president elect and a few hundred thousand other Americans from all over the country join together in sneering their contempt for America, cataloguing their hatred for this country, “from California, to the New York island.”



""Time begins, and then time ends. And then time begins once again.""

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  • Lori


    Walsh, on the hand, is contemptible even by politician standards

    He really is a piece of work. First a deadbeat dad and now attacking someone for talking about her service. Like the Swiftboat liars, he really lays bare the Republican view of military service—the GOP owns it and even those who never even walked past a recruiting station can use it as they see fit because it belongs to them. Those Republicans who did serve in any capacity can talk about it all day long and even grossly exaggerate a service record if necessary and it’s A-OK. Democrats can’t talk about their service, and if they try it will be denegrated. Because the GOP owns military service and only Republicans can be military heroes and they allow no poaching on their territory.

    Walsh is a vile little man, but he didn’t come out of nowhere. The modern GOP made him. I’m not exactly sure what voting for him says about a person, but whatever it is, it isn’t good. If he gets reelected I’m going to feel the same way about his district as I do about Michelle Bchmann’s (now former) district—-there be dragons, stay away.

  • Sgt. Pepper’s Bleeding Heart

    On song appropriation:

    There’s a popular song called I Am Australian, written in the late 80s by Bruce Woodley, from The Seekers, and Dobe Newton, who I don’t know.

    Pauline Hanson, local racist moron extraordinaire, played the chorus as theme at the launch of her racist reactionary moronic far right party “One Nation”. The writers told her if she ever associated their song with herself or her party again, they’d sue.

    Lyrics below. Not really compatible with anti-multicultural, Aboriginal-bashing politics.

    I came from the dream-time, from the dusty red soil plainsI am the
    ancient heart, the keeper of the flame.I stood upon the rocky shore, I
    watched the tall ships come.For forty thousand years I’ve been the first

    We are one, but we are manyAnd from all the lands on earth we
    comeWe share a dream and sing with one voice:I am, you are, we are

    I came upon the prison ship, bowed down by iron chains.I cleared the
    land, endured the lash and waited for the rains.I’m a settler, I’m a
    farmer’s wife on a dry and barren runA convict then a free man, I became

    I’m the daughter of a digger who sought the mother lodeThe girl
    became a woman on the long and dusty roadI’m a child of the depression, I
    saw the good times comeI’m a bushy, I’m a battler, I am Australian

    I’m a teller of stories, I’m a singer of songsI am Albert Namatjira,
    I paint the ghostly gumsI am Clancy on his horse, I’m Ned Kelly on the
    runI’m the one who waltzed Matilda, I am Australian

    I’m the hot wind from the desert, I’m the black soil of the plainsI’m
    the mountains and the valleys, I’m the drought and flooding rainsI am the
    rock, I am the sky, the rivers when they runThe spirit of this great land, I
    am Australian

  • erikagillian

    Those two ‘last’ verses are almost never sung.  Pete Seeger insisted on singing them at the inauguration.  Talk about an American hero.