Thank you. And, also, please.

I want to express my deep gratitude to everyone who has contributed to this site through the tip-jar button there on the right. Your kindness and generosity has meant a great deal, and often has made the difference for me and my family over the year since this blog, unexpectantly, became my main job.

Thank you so much to all of you.

I’ve tried to avoid any formal sort of fund-drive or fundraising appeal here, just allowing that alluring yellow “donate” button to speak for itself. But if you’ve ever been inclined to click that yellow button, this would be a wonderful time to do that. Please, thank you, sorry. Possibly also excuse me.

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  • Fade Manley

    And done. I hope that whatever’s come up is resolved with as much good luck as the world can offer you.

  • j_anson

    A grad student’s means are pretty limited. But I’ve derived a lot of pleasure out of this blog over the last few years, so what little I can donate is well deserved. Good luck!

  • Done

  • This site’s given me hours of fun, great new ideas on ethics and religion, and a reminder that Christians can be good people. Gladly donated.

  • Thank you for writing; you have been a huge encouragement to us for several years.  We are sorry you’re having a rough time right now….we send hugs and a donation and hope that things get better soon.  

  • Erl

    Chipped in. Less than a movie; not much more than a paperback; years and years of brilliant writing. You deserve as much. 

  • JonathanPelikan

    As soon as I’m able, Fred, I’ll chip in. I’ve been with this blog since before the end of Book 1 and been a faithful daily reader for almost all of the time since then.

  • I mostly read the RSS feed, but I try to click through to Patheos to increase your view count. I haven’t seen the donate button. Thanks for pointing it out. I have wanted to support your writing. 

  • If I had money, I would.

    Kind of easy to say because I’m broke and look like I’ll remain that way, but I’m completely serious.  If I had money, I would.  Putting money in the tip jar has been on my list of things to do should I ever have money for quite some time.

  • LeechcraftMegilp
  • You deserve every penny sent your way and then some.

    I originally came here, in fact, looking specifically for a Web site that ripped through, Mystery Science Theater-style, all of the theological and narrative inconsistencies in the Left Behind series.  I find what I’m looking for… and so much more.

  • If I could pay you what you’re worth, the amount would be much, much larger.  Thanks for years of good writing and good thoughts.

    Jocelyn (nee Grenadine)

  • flat

    I remember  when you told us you were laid I am glad this blog has helped you and your family through those rough times.
    I don’t comment as much  as I used to do because a many articles you write nowadays are about American christians and some things that I got nothing to do with. because I am from Europe.

    But I am  still abig fanof yours.

  • LeechcraftMegilp
  • Jim

    No, Fred, thank YOU for the many hours of enjoyable reading.

  • Going to be unemployed in just over a month, so right now I can’t afford it. But as soon as a new job arrives, I’ll come and hit the button…

  • Aaron

    Congratulations on receiving the Atheist’s Prize for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence (subcategory: Left-Wing Evangelical Blogging)!  It was a hard-fought battle on the selection committee, but you came out on top in the end.

  • Can’t chip in much as I’m also pretty broke at the moment, but I guess every little helps.

    But thank _you_. Seriously you, among with some other excellent voices in the post-Evangelical community (Rachel Held Evans, Sarah Bessey, Red Letter Christians…) opened me up to an entirelly new and wonderful world of Christianity and I can’t thank you enough.

  • Caravelle

    I’ve been trying to break myself off my habit of being stingy now that I actually have money and all and as it happens I had been thinking of clicking on the yellow button lately, so doing that now. Given what your blog means to me I really should have been donating a long time ago.

  • Rhubarbarian82

    I don’t mean it lightly when I say you helped change my life. I wish you the best with your current troubles; you deserve more than I gave.

  • Parhelion

    Done, and done. I’m not trying to be cute when I write good luck to you and yours with whatever.

  • Cheerfully chipped in :)

    Sorry if this is too clueless-outsider-y, but have you considered writing / assembling an e-book?  I would gladly pay for or support on Kickstarter anything you wrote.  Some ideas:

     – Left Behind series, obviously
     – short non-fiction book on manufactured homes (see Matt Yglesias’ “The Rent is Too Damn High” for the form factor I’m thinking of)
     – explaining the Evangelical mindset to secular liberals
     – memoir of your own faith journey
     – assembled off-the-wall provocative ideas (e.g., jury duty employment office)
     – how to develop a thoughtful commenter community (could include your experience and interviews with others, e.g., Ta-Nahesi Coates)

  • A while ago Fred said that he was collecting some posts to be adapted into a book.  I don’t think he’s said more since then.

  • guest

    done.  long time lurker.  thanks for the blog.

  • j_anson

    Kickstartering a writing project of some sort isn’t a bad idea…

  • Tad Callin

    You’re a heroic force, Fred – my mother tried to get me to read those damned books, and I couldn’t do it.  I hope your jar expands exponentially.

  • Gave what I had in my PayPal account, which, unfortunately, wasn’t much. I’ll see how the visit from the electrician shakes out tomorrow, and see about adding to it once I know what’s in store for me financially.

    ETA: Who gets the revenue from the ads? Does at least a portion go to Fred, or is it all going straight to Patheos?

  • JenL

    Done.  As others have said, I’m very grateful for the hours of entertaining and thought-provoking reading you’ve provided, and hope your situation is resolved as well and quickly as possible.  

  • Jared Bascomb

    Glad to help. As others have said, the LB reviews have been immensely entertaining and have assured me that no matter how bad I think my own writing is . . . well, it’s not.

    And – again echoing others – as a lapsed LGBT Lutheran, between this site (and its links) and our local Episcopal church, I’ve regained respect for many Christians. (That doesn’t sound right, but you know what I mean.)

  • This atheist is glad to chip in. Considering all the enjoyment I’ve gotten from your writing over the years, Fred, I feel like I’m getting away with an almost criminally low price-per-word ratio here. Regardless, I do hope it helps.

  • If any money comes my way, I’ll be passing some along to you Fred.  (I’d be doing so anyway but being unemployed there just isn’t any to give (;_;)  The instant that changes though…)

  • SisterCoyote

    What Jocelyn said. Would that I could do more, but in the meantime I’ll be praying for you and your family.

  • Throwing in what I can. I’ve been reading since the early LB days, and ever since, I’ve gotten so much more than understanding bad writing and worse theology from your writing. I’ll also happily buy a book or anything else you make. Keep up the good work!

  • Montana Wildhack

    You are a daily read for me and I need to donate more frequently. Thanks for the reminder about the tip jar – I’ll be using it. 

  • PJ Evans


  • Thanks for the reminder!

  • pinksponge

    Done. Thank YOU for your excellent writing, and for bringing together a delightfully diverse array of commenters who add their insights to your own.

  • Guest

    I’ve been lurking for… shoot, probably three years now.  About time I gave something back, since this site is one of the first things I read every day.  Thanks, and hope all is well with you and yours.

  • Sgt. Pepper’s Bleeding Heart

    Hope you get what you need, Fred.

    In solidarity,

  • chi7

    I’ve been lurking since late in the old blog and I am glad for a reminder.  I found you when politics was making my faith slip away, and you give me hope that I can stay a Christian.  So many writings of yours I have starred and I wish I could give them to certain people to make them understand what I am coming to understand, so much thanks to you.  Thank you.  It’s worth more than I can give, but I will give gladly.

  • Lori

    The amount that I was able to chip in is tiny. If I was able to pay you what your writing is worth to me it would have been a lot more. <A lot more. At any rate, I hope it helps a bit. Others have helped, and continue to help, me through this recession from hell and I’m happy to be able to pay that forward a little bit.

  • Becky

    Thank *you* Fred, for all the wonderful and thought-provoking writing.  I hope the donation helps.

  • Guest

    Another lurker here. Glad to donate, and thank you!

  • Vermic

    To the extent that I’m less of a selfish, uncaring jerk today than I was 10 years ago, a lot of it is because of this blog.  Thanks for inspiring me to be a better person, Fred.  In token of which: Ka-ching!

  • Guest

    I’m glad I finally figured out how to get Paypal to accept my credit card number. (Virtual card numbers with my CC company work, while the real card number doesn’t). Stupid Paypal.

  • Kubricks_Rube

    Chipped in yesterday. Thanks for all the great work Fred.

  • Gelliebean

    I’m glad to donate what I can, and you can add me to the list of people who owe you a debt of gratitude.  I appreciate what you say and how you say it more than I can easily express, and I’m very glad to have ‘met’ someone who is as caring for his fellow man as you are.  Everything that you write seems to come from a place of deep love, which is what Christians are supposed to express for one another and which is not encountered as often as it should be.  I’m grateful to you for portraying that every day.

  • Done. I’d give more if I could, your blog has always been a great boon to me.

  • While I understand why you chose not to try and “pimp” the donate button, if you’d never mentioned it in your blog I never would have known about it because I read your blog almost exclusively via RSS, and therefore would never have seen the shiny yellow donate button. At any rate, I love your work. I’m an atheist myself, but your writing helps me to better understand my friends and family that do have faith. — Nathan B., Las Vegas, Nevada