‘Hi, I’m looking for a Christian book …’


“LifeWay Christian Bookstore, how may I help you?”

“Hi, I’m looking for a Christian book.”

“Well, you’ve called the right place. What’s the title? I’ll see if I can find it for you.”

“It’s called The Brothers Karamazov.”

The Brothers …?”

“Karamazov. With a ‘K.’ It’s by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.”

“Well, let’s see. I’m not familiar with that title, but let me check the computer. How do you …”

“D-O-S-T-O-Y-E-V-S-K-Y. Sometimes it’s with an ‘I’ at the end. Sometimes without the ‘Y.’ It’s Russian.”

“I’m not … I’m not seeing it here. …”

“You’re a Christian bookstore and you don’t carry Dostoyevsky?”

* * * * * * * * *

(10 minutes later)


“LifeWay Christian Bookstore, how may I help you?”

“Hi, I’m looking for a copy of John Donne’s Holy Sonnets. That’s D-O-N-N-E. …”

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  • Alp22

    yes, Anonymous 4 has a few albums of her chants.

  • Interesting post! Every body is impressed by reading your post. Every one can get solution of every problem and answer of questions by purchasing Bible books.