The Committee will see you now

This photograph of Paul Tillich, Reinhold Niebuhr and Henry Pitney Van Dusen (which I’ve seen credited to Gjon Mili of Time) seemed irresistible to me.

Think you can do better.

Well, I think you can. I’m sure of it. So here’s the template, if you’re tempted.

"The Catholic Church is an exceptionally mixed bag, yes. It's all the good parts of ..."

Sunday favorites
"Ah. No point in talking to you further, then."

Sunday favorites
"I’m leaning more toward “A political minority swiftly installing themselves as The Party In Power ..."

Sunday favorites
"OT V'ir znqr zl Fhaqnl ebhaqf: fbeel nobhg lbhe pbzzrag orvat qryrgrq ba Nan ..."

Sunday favorites

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