Wizard imps and sweat-sock pimps

This probably means there’s no chance that LifeWay Christian Books will resume carrying The Blind Side.

This study could be fruitful if a follow-up explored the reasons for its findings. Instead, it will likely be fodder for more of the same feckless guilt-tripping that is a primary cause of its results.

Sometimes what love looks like is doing the paperwork. You don’t like to do paperwork? Exactly.

Scot McKnight provides a concise, helpful description of dominion theology.

Christian Piatt’s “Church Sign Epic Fails” series should not be used as a How-To Manual. In-group jokes don’t reach outsiders.

“The question of women’s ordination and the meaning of the texts on which the question is based remain a lively debate in some evangelical circles,” Craig Keener writes. “I did not resolve the debate with my book Paul, Women & Wives.” That’s true, but only because winning the argument conclusively isn’t the same as “resolving the debate” in those circles.

If one Christian uses this trick to avoid being asked to close in prayer, then he might indeed be “the worst Christian ever.” If most of us use this trick, then maybe the problem lies, instead, with the way we go about praying together.

This is a personal testimony. I like personal testimonies.

Do you hear the people sing?

I doubt that video will have much influence election-wise, but boy can those folks sing. Here’s a related non-electoral prediction: Hugh Jackman’s gonna win an Oscar.

The difference between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden, I think, is the difference between the bishops and the nuns.

The Associated Press is only as good as its member newspapers, and they have laid off tens of thousands of reporters and editors. So expect a lot more of this sort of thing.

How to be a right-wing, bigoted, anti-Semitic politician, Step 1: Don’t be Jewish.


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  • http://apocalypsereview.wordpress.com/ Invisible Neutrino

    Obama seems to be taking the fight to the Repubs now.

    Be moar populist, please :D

    (Al Gore, for one, proved that the strategy does work. I do believe his polling numbers began surging after he started bashing the drug companies and the way Bush’s tax cuts were skewed to the rich.)