‘Let us make a name for ourselves’

“We, like other news organizations today, rely on our writers to submit factually accurate material.”

“Scarborough mourned the prominence of Lady Gaga, The Big Bang Theory, Jerry Seinfeld, and Brokeback Mountain.

“Generously, one might say that 88-year-old Phyllis Schlafly’s address to the Faith & Freedom rally included some ‘urban legends’ about President Obama’s insults to faith and the faithful. Another word for them would be ‘lies.’

“Let’s stop hoping for a Mount Carmel moment, because there’s enough intolerance and death to go around already.”

“We Built This”

“If you try to ignore that, your worldview just becomes crazy, just untenable, itself inconsistent.”

Meet the Members of the Congressional Science Committee Who Don’t Get Science

The GOP’s abandonment of the Reagan legacy helps capture just how far the party has gone.”

One day, we’ll tell children stories about a time when sick people had to publicly beg for help and they’ll look wide-eyed and say, ‘Really?'”

“When you call me ‘unbiblical,’ ‘unnatural,’ and say I’m bent on destroying society with my ‘sinful lifestyle’ and then complain that you’re being judged unfairly because I call that ‘hate’ and I call that ‘phobic;’ when you want to lean on the First Amendment for your own opinions then try to call up Miss Manners when I object — well, that’s just nonsense.”

It should not be so among us, these exercises of power. It should not be so.”

“We who follow Jesus should be the ones on the front-lines battling on behalf of women in the world and instead we are too often the ones metaphorically shooting them down & putting them in POW camps.”

“Imagine the exploding heads if bands of feminist punk rockers showed up to protest at the American churches who have chosen to align themselves with the right wing politicians.”

“This ruling has sent a strong message to Alabama and other states that they cannot enact hate-filled laws to try to drive an entire class of people from their borders.”

“It means the world to me — and the set list is three hour and 37 minutes. That impressed me, too.”

“A line that anyone might say, but when they mean it and act on it … ahhh, here is the heart of the matter.”

The difference between those two things is devastatingly beautiful.”

This is a poem about forestalling despair

“So Apparently, We’ve Been Using Tic Tac Containers All Wrong.”

Bingo’s a good dog.”

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"I count at least three tangents between the two flags."

‘That’s why we are here’
"I like being paid in skulls, myself."

‘That’s why we are here’

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  • Edo

    I saw where this was going to go the moment I saw the title, but the caption still took my breath away. Bravo, bravissimo.

  • Tricksterson

    So the Republican Party venerates Ronald Reagan while ignoring or subverting many of the things he said and did.  Considering they do the same thing even more often and more egregiously with Jesus it’s hardly a surprise.

  • schismtracer

    I’d always wondered why Tic-Tac containers had that groove on them. 

    Of course, now I’m wondering what kind of person only eats a single Tic-Tac at a time.  Personally, I’d say three is a bare minimum.

  • I, too, mourn the prominence of The Big Bang Theory. It just isn’t that funny.

  • Carstonio

    Reagan was a social reactionary who was cozy with the religious right without being one of them. He engaged in union-busting and racial demagoguery and was hostile to civil rights. Hard to see the modern GOP as “ignoring or subverting” what he stood for.

  • Regarding a few of those links, this clip from The Newsroom has been making the rounds, and I thought it should be shared here.  

    Damn, if only mainstream media could actually take this tack.  And this anchorman himself is a Republican!  

  • Lori

    “Scarborough mourned the prominence of Lady Gaga, The Big Bang Theory, Jerry Seinfeld, and Brokeback Mountain.“ 

    Fundies are so weird. Brokeback came out 7 years ago. Aside from pearl clutchers pitching fits like this the only time anyone has talked about it in quite some time was when Rick Perry wore Ennis’ coat in a campaign photo. (I am not making that up. See attached)

    I’m also not quite sure why he’s all exercised about Jerry Seinfeld. The other two are at least current, although complaining about Lady Gaga is getting pretty tired.

  • Michael Cule

    I’ve got to say that I don’t get the reverence felt for Reagan and I while his practice in some areas is not gung ho enough for today’s Republicans I look at the world and see plenty of areas where the world we live in is filled with his legacy, none of it for the good.

    There’s the still on going Collapse of 2008 whose roots can be found in the process of deregulation that Reagan initiated. The results were disastrous in the short term and the long term and still people tiptoe around the idea of proper regulation of the financial industry because the Truth Universally Acknowledged (that Reagan helped write into popular consciousness) that you can’t be mean to the rich because they will take all the balls home with them and no-one will get to play…

    There’s the state of semi-tyranny in Russia which was at least partly the result of the ideologically based and totally stupid advice the American administration gave the people of the former Soviet Union on how to move to a more demoncratic form of government. Doesn’t he get any credit for the collapse of the Iron Curtain? Not so much: at some levels he handled it well but though it happened on his watch it was caused by decades of effort by people all around the world including some ‘liberal’ politicians who he would have denigrated as compromisers.

    There’s miserable state of government structures and services in the US (and to a lesser extent the rest of the West) which he encouraged with the breaking of civil servive unions, the ‘government is the problem’ propaganda and the starving of any program he could whip up a little popular hate towards.

    I lived through those days and I have forgiven the senile old ham one thing. That probably makes me a bad person.

  • Vermic

    The other two are at least current …

    Assuming, that is, that he’s railing against the show The Big Bang Theory.  He’s probably still piqued about the theory itself.

  • Donalbain

    Not relevant to this post, but Fred, could you please get rid of the two column system? I understand the desire to show us less each post to encourage clicks, but could you please do so in a single column format?

  • vsm

    At least his reference to Beavis and Behind-Head is sort of relevant after the revival.

  • Lori

    Two columns? I only have one (plus the sidebar on the right, which is always there).

  • Nice picture & caption Fred.  There is most definitely a self- idolatry lying at the core of supply-side economics and ‘Pure capitalism.’  White Americans are raised to view ourselves as something more than human; on a higher plane from the basic laws of human interdependence that should be obvious beyond any social, political of economic theory.  Once one has acquired a sense of being above the needier, “weaker” aspects of being a mortal creature there is basically no limit to the amount of nonsense one will believe to maintain that. 

    Lori:  Maintaining the narrative of our own time being uniquely depraved often requires stretching the definition of “These Days” beyond any meaningful sense.  I still hear people cite the McDonald’s coffee case as an example of how people ‘these days’ are a bunch of entitled fools.   

  • EllieMurasaki

    I, too, mourn the prominence of The Big Bang Theory.

    On the one hand, it’s showing that science is cool, geekdom is cool, geekdom does not preclude sexytimes with attractive people. On the other hand, it’s laughing at us more than with us, and for a long damn time all the geeks were male and most of them white and Jesus fuck Howard. He’s improved dramatically since Bernadette, and he has nearly always been called out every time he’s been offensive, but Jesus fuck Howard.

  • Guest

    You might have to scroll down past the most recent couple of articles. I only just saw it before coming into this article. It seems related to the lack of line breaks in the article previews. It seems like the last 15 or 20 articles are all on the first page now. I really do understand why sites do that, but it’s so visually off-putting.

  • Emcee, cubed

     Oh, now I get what he’s talking about. I never actually go to that page, I just bring up the individual posts from my RSS feed, so never saw that and was totally confused…

  • reynard61
  • JustoneK

    Okay, I could see the photos as being rude – they mentioned something about a prior arrangement to do so but I couldn’t tell what that part was about – but a criminal offense?  dafuq.

  • vsm

    A bit of rudeness is perfectly acceptable when someone is trying to subvert the separation of church and state with tricks like that.

  • Mike Timonin

    on the issue of “begging for health care” – as a Canadian living in the States, I remained shocked and appalled at signs for spaghetti dinners and fund raising jars at the cash intended to provide families with the funds they need to help out a family member in need of health care (especially children, especially with something chronic or terminal). And yet, Canadian friends have circulated fund raising stuff for Canadian relatives – there are still things not covered by Canadian government insurance, and “begging for health care” takes place as a result. 

  • connorboone

    Re: Mr. Heartland Re: McDonalds Coffee:
    Any time someone pulls out that tired old chestnut, give them this and tell them to shut up.  


  • VMink

    There’s the state of semi-tyranny in Russia which was at least partly the result of the ideologically based and totally stupid advice the American administration gave the people of the former Soviet Union on how to move to a more demoncratic form of government.

    I… can’t find fault with that typo, considering what Putin and his cronies have been doing with their government.

  • MikeJ

    and for a long damn time all the geeks were male and most of them white

    Leslie Winkle appeared in the first season and is consistently the only person who can correct Sheldon.  Raj has been there since season one, but he (and his sister) are about it for POCs. At least those are both fairly prominent roles.  Jews in comedy have been pretty unremarkable for about a century.  Interesting that one of the leads is a recovering fundy.

    While not a perfect representation of American society, BBT has done better than many other sitcoms.

  • Tricksterson

    And of course what Huckabee either isn’t aware of, or morelikely is willfuly ignoring, is that many of the people appalled by Akin are probably Christian!  Although to be fair their vision of God and Jesus is most likely so different from his that yes, they might as well be different gods entirely.

  • AnonymousSam

     In other news, the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children wish it to be known that gay couples are four to five times more likely to have abortions than straight couples.

    Epic fact checking fails FTL.

  •  That is absolutely hillarious.


  • Lori

    About begging for health care—stories like that are one of the reasons that I’m really starting to loath Ann Romney. The struggles she has had with her health are terrible and I wouldn’t wish them on anyone. I’m glad that she’s doing so well and I certainly don’t begrudge her the care that she has received.

    I do resent the fact that she seems to have no awareness that there are women who have all the same problems (and in many cases, more than) she had without a fraction of her resources. There are many women with children who have debilitating and potentially fatal illnesses. The vast majority of them do not have access to the level of care that Ann received. A horrifying number of them have to fight their illnesses while also fighting their insurance companies to get bills paid or care authorized. Others have no insurance and have to literally beg for the opportunity to stay alive. Ann certainly never had to deal with any of that. When you’re sick being able to concentrate your energies on getting well instead of fighting or begging is a huge help.

    I have no doubt that she worried about what would happen to her children if she died, but she never had to lie awake at night wondering if they’d be split up or have to go into foster care because Mitt wasn’t able to take care of them. I personally know someone that happened to. His mom died when he & his 3 brothers were all still in elementary school. His father was initially unable to care for them (both financial & emotional factors contributed to that) and they had no close family who could take the boys, so they went to an orphanage until their dad was able to get it together and take them back. He didn’t abandon them. He visited frequently and  they knew he was doing what he could. Nevertheless, they were in institutional care for almost 2 years. Ann never had to worry about that happening to Tagg and Hopstoch and Dodgeball or whatever the other ones’ names are.

    Ann has a perfect right to talk about the way she and her family suffered as a result of her health issues. However, I’d certainly respect her a lot more if she showed any signs that her experience had increased her compassion for others instead of reenforcing her let-them-eat-cake levels of insular self-involvement.

    Also, I can not freakin’ believe she told that story again about the ugly apartment she & Mitt lived in during college and how they ate tuna (can you imagine?). That story is not a tale of struggle and sacrifice, it’s a saga of incredible privilege. The fact that numerous people pointed that out the last time she told it and the only impression that made was to prompt her to drop the part where she admitted that the newly minted Mr & Mrs Mittens were voluntarily unemployed because they could live off stock Mitt got from his dad (value in current dollars ~$400k) just makes it that much worse.

  • Sgt. Pepper’s Bleeding Heart

    “One day, we’ll tell children stories about a time when sick people had to publicly beg for help and they’ll look wide-eyed and say, ‘Really?’”

    One day? No need to wait. You can get that exact response from any of millions of people living in countries with health care systems that are not the embarrassment of the developed world.

  • Carstonio

     Her take on women’s roles in her convention speech sounded like the stepmother in Gregory McGuire’s Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister but without the bitter irony. “You’re the ones who always have to do a
    little more.” What she doesn’t seem to understand is that this
    inequality is wholly artificial, a holdover from a time when women were
    locked out of political and economic power. The whole point of gender
    equality is that no gender should “always have to do a little more.”
    Gender shouldn’t determine what role one performs in society.And the bit about Mitt (yuk yuk) seeing her home safely from the dance sounded, at best, something out of an old
    gothic romance, where the fair maiden is beset on all sides by varlets
    and blackguards and is rescued by the dashing hero. It reminded me uncomfortably of the Purity Ball assumption that a daughter’s sexuality is the property of her
    father, and that her date has to protect her purity not only from other
    men’s desires but also from his own. No concept of dating and
    relationships as egalitarian concepts.

  • AnonymousSam

    It’s Polk County. They’re a theocratic region, and I don’t use this term lightly. When a woman proved that the mayor was illegally using tax dollars for religious purposes, that woman was arrested and held in prison for a number of days on two separate occasions, neither of which involved actually charging her with a crime.

    Their sheriff still brags about the time he and  a bunch of others shot a criminal to death — with over 60 rounds of ammunition. Why so much unnecessary violence? “Because that was all the bullets we had!”

    They also had a fun little city event called Polk Under Prayer which entailed blessing a highway to invoke God’s wrath upon any non-Christian within the area, and directly stated that non-Christians would go to prison or be driven out if they failed to convert. This also happened with both the sheriff and mayor’s blessings and participation.

    So yeah, Polk County. Theocracy. No surprises in that link.

  • Donalbain

     Thank you Fred!