Cleveland Plain Dealer: On the basis of sound leadership, re-elect Obama

We recommend President Obama’s re-election,” says the largest newspaper in Ohio, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer:

He has led the nation back from the brink of depression. Ohio in particular has benefited from his bold decision to revive the domestic auto industry. Because of his determination to fulfill a decades-old dream of Democrats, 30 million more Americans will soon have health insurance. His Race to the Top initiative seeded many of the education reforms embodied in Cleveland’s Transformation Plan. He ended the war in Iraq and refocused the battle to disrupt al-Qaida and its terrorist allies. He ordered the risky attack inside Pakistan that killed Osama bin Laden.

“He has led the nation back from the brink of depression.” (AP file)

… We wish President Obama had used this campaign to showcase a more substantial vision for the many challenges that still confront America. The nation needs to get more people back to work. It needs to get its financial house in order, reform its tax code and streamline — though not gut — regulation in order to reassure business and speed recovery. It needs to invest in infrastructure, education and job training. It needs to expand exports and engage the world.

Not only do we still believe this president can do those things, we think he can do it with policies most likely to lift Ohio and Ohioans. Obama’s leadership has made a difference when it mattered most.

… Consider a defining moment early in Obama’s first term — one with special resonance in Ohio: The outgoing Bush administration had used TARP funds to throw a lifeline to General Motors and Chrysler, but the two automakers were still at death’s door. They wanted more cash and offered vague promises to change their ways. Public opinion opposed another bailout. Romney urged the companies to file for traditional bankruptcy — at a time when private-sector credit was frozen even for healthy firms.

Obama told the companies to restructure using the Bankruptcy Court and set conditions for government financing: GM’s chairman had to go. Excess plants and dealerships had to close. Chrysler had to be bought out by Fiat. Contracts had to be renegotiated.

It was unpopular but gutsy. And it worked. Ohioans today are making cars in Lordstown and Toledo. They’re making parts and steel for Ford, Honda and other automakers. They’re back on the job.

That’s leadership that deserves a chance to finish the job. Re-elect President Obama.

"The Tale of Two Presidents at Southwestern SeminaryMitch RandallMay 24, 2018"

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  • Guest5489

    Sound leadership? LMAO!

    No thanks! Romney 2012

  • Lunch Meat

    Well, you’ve convinced me. What a brilliant, well thought out and fully justified argument.

  •  Yep, if you don’t want sound leadership, Romney is your man.

  • Victor

    “We recommend President Obama’s re-election,” says the largest newspaper in Ohio, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer:

    Good decision folks cause as far as “I’M” concerned this god is even more powerful than we 92% gods of Victor’s flesh who keeps U>S (usual sinners) locked UP in his so called body!

    Listen Fred, I would recommend that you, gods that you are, encourage all your followers to wake UP and promote this god a little harder. While praying your slact time rosary, Fred, please ask his alien presidential gods to keep U>S in mind also and not just those so call interest group like the gay people and woman groups who want to be happy and please tell these alien gods that we agree and believe in them. We own these Canadian butts we won’t be happy until all woman are free of men all around our world if ya know what I mean cause who needs them?

    Hey Fred tell your gods not to worry about Victor cause we’ll take good care of him butt if ya get a chance see if ya can make his drunks a little stronger cause “IT” really pains U>S having to put UP with him for so long. Hey please give a little more money to groups who will start cloning a few countless bodies in the animal, I mean humanity world. Come on don’t let this so called “Jesus” GOD Father show U>S off! I know that He’s only fiction butt He did create His Son only by “Word” so some Christians say. and there’s really nothing wrong with Victor! “IT” is the rest of the world! Right? So……..


    Forgive U>S (usual sinners) folks! The Senior doctors gave me some perks to take to calm sinner vic down during his stay so that “IT” wouldn’t be stressfull but I’ve been a little UP SET with him lately and decided to cut down his meds and as you can see “IT” just bugs the hell out of him if ya know what I mean?

    Don’t worry! Be happy! I’ll take good care of sinner vic NOW! :)



  • Cor Aquilonis

    Re: Victor

     I don’t understand he(?) said.  Not one thing.

  • ReverendRef

     Victor sounds like one of the Akurians who used to plague my site a few years ago.  Lots of ranting, not much sense-making.

  • Victor

     (((I don’t understand he(?) said. Not one thing.)))

    Hey! See we do have something in common, I don’t understand sometimes also! :)


  • Magic_Cracker

    Politics (and everything else) sure must be confusing when you’re a nascent AI, born of the primordial ooze of ancient bots, viruses, and GeoCties websites, who hasn’t yet grokked that there’s a whole other universe to which the Internet is but a referent.

  • VMink

    To be fair, Victor is not terribly truculent, he does not threaten people (unless I missed something) and I feel he means well in his own way.  He is certainly no Mabus, or others who have done their own drive-bys on Fred’s blog.

    Read his posts or not, as you wish, and I hold no prejudice weather you do or not; I find them kind of interesting to sort through, a sort of mental exercise, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to.

  • ASeriesOfWords

    That explanation makes way too much sense.

  • Amaryllis

     I must admit, the reference to cutting down on the meds has me worried but not surprised. Victor, on the old site, didn’t seem quite so on edge. I hope that sinner vic isn’t giving him too much trouble.

    Peace, Victor.

  • AnonaMiss

     Victor, stop repeating that stupid meme about women wanting to get rid of men. That’s a small, radical group about as agreed-with by liberals in general as the KKK (and significantly less likely to actually harm anyone).

  • Joshua

    Without the internet-only acronym, that would make a fantastically honest slogan for Romney’s campaign:

    Sound leadership? No thanks! Romney 2012

  • ASeriesOfWords

    Thank you so much for making me grin.

  • PorlockJunior


    (((I don’t understand he(?) said. Not one thing.)))

    Hey! See we do have something in common, I don’t understand sometimes also! :)

    We might understand better if you stopped LISPing.

    Sorry, the ghost of John McCarthy made me do it after I came from a wonkish thread at Brad DeLong’s blog.

  • Not enough quotes/apostrophes & backticks.

  • I’ve heard horror stories about that language.

  •  I’m still busy chuckling over “Binders full of Women”; and now you give me this?!  My poor sides (T_T)

  • Joshua

    To counter them, the obligatory xkcd. I did an AI paper taught in it once, but can’t remember much at all. Mostly that the interpreter was so heavy we brought the main CS unix server to its knees the evening an assignment was due. It was a fairly serious piece of hardware, too.

    CS assignments were always due at midnight, computer people being what they are.Never had a visionary experience. 

  • Baby_Raptor

    Everyone who votes for Mitt deserves the screwing they’d get if he won. I’d love to leave ya’ll to it and let you learn the hard way, but that would also screw all of us who aren’t stupid/racist

  • Jim Roberts

    As a longtime message board moderator, I can say that if the worst thing a poster does is not make sense, they are on the side of the angels.

  • 2-D Man

    The sad thing is, I don’t thing that would drop his poll numbers.

  • Jim Roberts

    He’s the candidate for the party who thinks that his job – being in government – should be unnecessary and is a detriment to the country, so you’re probably right.

  • Victor

    (((As a longtime message board moderator, I can say that if the worst thing a poster does is not make sense, they are on the side of the angels.)))

    I agree that if the worst thing a human, I mean a poster does is not make sense, that still does not mean that they don’t exist in reality.

    I was just wondering if you are not this Jim Roberts

    Folks! I would like to apologize if I’ve been a little too eccentric while searching for GOD (Good Old Dad) without reading “The Bible” which “I” believe would make me, myself and i  a all a LOT worst of a “MAN” if ya know what “I” mean?

    “I’M” learning that the closer “I” think my gut feeling is getting to GOD (Good Old Dad) the funnier things were starting to get which even encouraged me more but “IT” is not so funny anymore and let’s see if I can create a little poster about “IT” as to what “I” mean?

    Long story short, I do have or should I say that I did have a little chapel in our home but “IT” has burnt down last night but the angels saved the cross that the chapel originated from and I still can’t explain how that happened but “I’M” sure science can and I’m not being sarcastic when i say that because I’m really not that bright.

    I hear ya sinner vic! When I was little I use to be so bright that my dad use to call me sunny!

    OK! Where was i? :)

    All I know in reality is that my wife gave me a couple of small candles and after praying for about an hour, I left the two little candles burning cause they were almost done. True that as I left my closet chapel, my gut feeling did tell me to give them a blow job but long story short, I politely told sinner vic to go to hell cause I didn’t believe in witch craft. Anyway, our city fire department did a great job and no one was hurt except for my chapel and a little smoke damage which would cost less than the insurance deductable to have “IT” cleaned UP.

    Hey Victor! Why are you sharing so much with U>S (usual sinners) cause people are going to start thinking that you’re crazy so says Joe Murphy.

    Listen sinner vic! The only thing I’m concerned about is that when our five loving daughters find out, they’ll eventually say something like: See dad, I told ya that this might someday happen and that’s with them being polite to me. (lol) :(

    OK Pride! They win, No more chapel for me NOW! Well maybe in the future but I’ll only be using imaginary candles which glow just as bright if ya get my drift? :)

    Please keep praying for this A.S.S….


  • AnonaMiss

    I’m glad you and your family are all right, Victor.

  • PorlockJunior


    CS assignments were always due at midnight, computer people being what they are.Never had a visionary experience.

    Well, if we’re gonne get mystical, how about spooky action at a diestance? Explained here:
    Lisp is a remarkable language and not (only?) in a bad way. Elegantly designed for its purposes, as shown in its survival since the 1960s. In fact, the author of the Einstein piece above installed it as an application language in a program that has sold nicely and still (I presume) relies on the Lisp facility.

    BTW, I like the ending of the comment I quoted, with :)
    In the old batch-processing days, we’d always attach a card with some ))) at the end, so that the interpeter wouldn’t simply quit in a huff if we had left an unclosed () anywhere. But in those days we never thought to make a smiley out of it.

  • Victor

    Thank You