‘Baby-killers.’ It’s always ‘baby-killers.’

Finally we shall insist on seeing everything — God and our friends and ourselves included — as bad, and not be able to stop doing it: we shall be fixed for ever in a universe of pure hatred. — C.S. Lewis

“Baby killers.” It’s always baby-killers.

Yes, this graffiti vandalizing the offices of Eric Cantor’s Democratic opponent in Virginia has to do with the politics of abortion. But here is the key thing to understand: This vandal did not accuse others of being “baby killers” because he opposes abortion. He opposes abortion because he wants to believe he is a hero fighting against monstrous “baby-killers.”

The epithet “baby-killer” predates America’s abortion politics. It predates America. It’s as old as the blood libel, older than the New World (a place Europeans “discovered” and found occupied by “savages” who were deemed illegitimate because they were, why, yes, that — always ultimately that).

The inclination to accuse one’s opponents of being “baby-killers” does not arise from America’s abortion politics. America’s abortion politics arises from the inclination to accuse one’s opponents of being baby-killers.

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  • Sgt. Pepper’s Bleeding Heart

    In the (unlikely) event that he becomes our next POTUS it will be bad for women, bad for minorities, bad for the middle class (the actual middle class, not the Romney fantasy middle class), union workers, the uninsured and the soldiers who will lose their lives in the next neocon war.

    Perhaps it will also be bad for the unmentionable poor.



  • P J Evans

     Romney joking that he should be a Mexican, because his father was born in Mexico. (Leaving out that his grandparents moved there because they could be polygamists without much interference: lie by omission.)

  • Sgt. Pepper’s Bleeding Heart

    It’s an odd phenomenon  I don’t know what (if any) the left-wing equivalent might be, of phrases that are used without context but implying great meaning. 

    “The Murdoch press” and “talk back radio” come to mind.

  • P J Evans

     I’ve heard of one case of actual voting fraud this year. A woman in Las Vegas tried to vote twice, at two different locations. She was arrested. (She’s also registered as a Republican.)

  • P J Evans

    Obama is significantly to the right of me.  I voted for him because (a)
    he’s still significantly to the left of Romney, but more important (b)
    because no one knows what Romney’s positions as President would be

    Voting tomorrow, but I feel the same way. Romney has about as much moral core as a marshmallow, and isn’t nearly as useful.

  • ohiolibrarian

     IN: And I thought you were referring to Nate Silver!

  • spinetingler

     Ah, my bad (possibly).

    Yeah, one data point does not constitute a tendency.

  • Lori


    As for the middle class, our take home income is nearly 5 thousand
    dollars less than it was when Obama took office. Unemployment is now
    higher than when he took office

    Is your gross income the same? Assuming that your gross income is not lower, is the difference in your take home pay due to differences in your federal tax rate or your state tax rate? Many states have had to raise their rates and fees because they are in dire financial straights, in part because they’re getting less money from the federal government. Because of Republicans in Congress.

  • Also, because of Republican governors cutting off their state’s noses to spite their faces in refusing federal matching funds which would take the pressure off their budgets.

    For a bunch of people who call themselves hard-nosed money pragmatists they sure seem to have trouble with “the money’s green, who cares where it comes from?”

  • I used to give a pass to my conservative friends; they were, personally, very nice people who just had a different perspective than I did, and they meant well.  Then a couple of years ago I realized that while they, personally, didn’t want to disenfranchise minorities or keep gays in the closet or want women to stay home and raise litters of kids…. they were voting for people who DID want those things and were actively trying to make them happen.  And I I also realized that they weren’t giving ME the same benefit of the doubt and assumption of good will that I had been giving them.  
    So I quit giving them a pass.

    Probably explains why I don’t have many conservative friends any more.   

  • wendy

    As for soldiers, I sat next to a soldier on a flight back from Tampa this weekend who talked about Benghazi and how demoralizing it is among our troops right now to know that their Commander in Chief will likely not have their back when trouble comes. 

    and yet, 

    “President Barack Obama has received almost twice as much in campaign contributions from U.S. military and Defense Department personnel as his Republican challenger Mitt Romney, despite Romney’s promises to boost defense spending and his criticism of military cuts set to take place in January.

    Obama has received $536,414 from such donors, compared with Romney’s $287,435, according to research by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics in Washington. The group’s study, which includes data through August, looked at donations from individuals who listed their employment as the Defense Department or one of the branches of the military.”


    Maybe because Obama is less eager than Romney for another war. Or maybe the troops got wind of Romney’s plan to privatize the VA.

    Or maybe because the troops are part of that 47% Romney calls dependant, who refuse to take personal responsibility for their own lives.

  • wendy

    >>The moral of the story, for me at least, is that it’s no longer enough to win; it has now become necessary to win big, to win by a large enough margin that “cheating” can’t explain it, to win big enough that <<

    There's no such thing as a win big enough to satisfy the right wing. 

    Obama won 365 electoral votes in 2008; his popular vote margin was more than 9 million votes. That didn't stop McConnel and Cantor and the rest of their cabal from meeting *ON INAUGURATION DAY* to plan total obstruction and delegitimization of the man they like to call Kenyan Usurper. 

  • Lori

    Or maybe because Romney’s increased defense spending would do far more for military contractors than it would for the troops.

  • Turcano


    Extra points if Governor Romney’s position is one he has not himself opposed within the last twenty years minutes.

    Fixed that for you.

  • ZOMG!, it was only when I was considering a reply (since abandoned) to your “vote for old white guy!” comment that I suddenly noticed a coincidence that can only have the deepest meaning, for there are no coincidences: The abbreviation for “Old White Guy” is OWG.  And what do we know from the Left Behind books also called “OWG”?  That’s right, folks.  The Old White Guys are the One World Government!

  • Dgsinclair

    the same and more can be saud of obama and his race baiting former preacher. i am still clinging to my religion and guns

  • Dgsinclair

    the truth hurts, dont it? when 90% of blacks vote for obama, how is that not racist?!? its like me voting for romney bc he is white.

  • Dgsinclair

    essentially, we’ve gone from a culture that favors white males to one that discriminates against them in favor of diversity. we are not moving to a color blind society, just a different favored race or races. thank you , affirmative action

  • EllieMurasaki

    Which is of course why resumes identical bar the name get differing results, with better results for male-sounding names than female-sounding and for white-sounding names than black-sounding.

  • AnonymousSam

    Not just job resumes either. A study was done a few years back where a variety of people called housing agents, realtors, landlords, etc. They used eight university students and variations of a single script, each offering the same details regarding ability to make payments and housing needs. Needless to say, the African Americans were significantly less likely to be called back than the whites, males more likely to be called back than females, and those who spoke with clear enunciation were more likely to be called back than those who spoke with “black” dialects.

  • Erikagillian

     Wow, where do these people come from?  They can hardly be reading Fred.

    Obama has done nothing to effect you and your penis, I mean guns.  Nor your beliefs. 

    You wouldn’t have voted for Hilary Clinton either, because she doesn’t look like you.  Or act like you.  Black people voted for Obama, yes, partly because he looks like them, why shouldn’t they?  You always get to vote for someone who looks like you.  But more clearly, he has some of the same experience they have, and seems less likely to hurt them.  That’s a reason for a woman to vote for Hilary Clinton too. 

    And you’re going to vote for someone who superficially is like you but is in fact so different he’d never speak to you if he could help it.  Instead of someone who is in fact to the right of center and is much more likely to understand you than someone as cocooned in wealth and privilege as Romney is.

  • VMink

    Speaking as a former military person, it takes more than throwing money at the armed forces to get their attention.

    We/they want to know that the armed forces being used properly, that the Commander-in-Chief knows what they’re doing and isn’t just sending soldiers off to some war to… to throw a small country against the wall every decade or so to make sure the rest know who the big dog in the yard is.  That the military isn’t just being used as a penis extension for the person in the Oval Office.*

    One of the things I got out of four years of a military college, was that leadership is more than just being Teh Decider — which while often mocked, is actually not that far off from the job description of C-in-C.  It’s just not the be-all and end-all of leadership.

  •  Fairly sure that “Biased against people who hold you in utter contempt on account of your skin tone” is not actually a form of racism.

  •   There was an interested thing a few years ago where some school or other created a baysean computer system to do a first pass over applications to reduce the load on the admissions department. The way a system like this works is that you don’t specifically tell the computer what you’re looking for: instead, you just give it examples of applications that were accepted and ones that were denied, and the system develops a mathematical model that determines whether a given input resume is more “similar” to the “approve” set or the “reject” set.

    And what they found was that the computer, which didn’t know anything about race (Did not even know the race of applicants since it wasn’t included in the data that was given to the computer) was making decisions that were *incredibly* racist.

    It turned out that their institutional history with accepting and rejecting applications resulted in the computer learning that even when the academic credentials were similar, a more ‘ethnic’ name pulled sufficiently hard in the “reject” direction to get the application tossed.

    (When they replaced the names with a randomly assigned ID number, the effect vanished)

  • reynard61

    “Mitt Romney is an evil, evil person who will enslave women, put the black folks back in chains, and cause tens of thousands of poor people to die — all for the insaiiable greed of himself and his billionaire friends.”

    Um…no. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a whole line of equally evil, evil people behind him with those exact same goals in mind. It’s our job to *keep those evil, evil people from realizing those goals by keeping them away from positions of influence where they can attain those goals.* As we’ve seen tonight, we were partially successful; but too many of the people who want to watch the world burn (Yes; I’m looking at you Michele Bachmann, Steve King and Allen West!) were re-elected to those offices where they can make their mischiefwreak their havoc. Until their constituents wake up and realize/comprehend the error of their ways, that line behind Romney isn’t going to get any shorter.

  • EllieMurasaki

    Bachmann and West haven’t been reelected yet. (Dunno about King.) West isn’t even ahead.

  • Lori

     West lost, but by a small enough margin that there may be a recount.

    Bachmann is now trailing, but there are a lot of votes left to count. No one but the hardcore, stay up all night, folks are going to have any idea about the outcome  until tomorrow.

    King won

    Joe Walsh (R) deadbeat dad lost by quite a bit though.

  • reynard61

    Thanks. I stand corrected. At the time I wrote my comment I thought that West and Bachmann’s races had been called in their favor.

  • Obama and the Dems kill babies in their imperialisitc interventions in Afganistan, Libya, etc.

    You’re a Social-Imperialist, Fred. 

  • JohnDale49

    They are baby killers though. That’s what abortion is, you idiot.

  • Oh, not this crap again.

  • EllieMurasaki

    How can it be abortion if it takes place when there’s a baby, that is, after birth? Similarly, how can it be infanticide if it takes place during pregnancy, that is, when there’s no baby yet?