‘Obama saved our economy, improved our laws and elevated our voices’

Prof. Tobias Wolff of University of Pennsylvania’s Law School, endorses Barack Obama as a human being, and also endorses his re-election as president: “President Obama. For all of us.”

President Obama is driven by a core belief that government can play a role in improving people’s lives and protecting human dignity. I have experienced the force of those values firsthand.

I stood in the West Wing on the weekend before the House of Representatives’ historic vote on the Affordable Care Act — the fulfillment of a decades-long promise to make decent health care a right in this country, not a privilege. I saw the look of excitement on the faces of administration officials as they approached the end of the long, imperfect road that would make possible this profound act of humanity.

I sat in the audience as President Obama signed the repeal of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, ending over two centuries of anti-gay discrimination in the military and bringing America a step closer to the promise of equal citizenship. I shared an embrace with the president in celebration of one of his proudest accomplishments, and I walked the halls of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, the main office space of the White House, where spontaneous cheers had echoed through the Second Empire structure when the president proclaimed, “This is done.”

I have experienced this administration’s determination to preserve the hopes and dreams of women, whose right to full equality is again threatened by ideologues who would control their bodies, limit their choices and deny them equal pay. And the day President Obama announced his support for marriage equality, I was in the White House to witness the tearful eyes of his LGBT staff and the beaming pride of his senior advisers as they once again saw their President make history.

I do not know what values drive Mitt Romney. The answer to that question seems to change with each audience he addresses and every office he seeks.

I do know President Obama. As you enter the voting booth, remember this: Barack Obama really is the man you have always believed him to be. Through one of the most challenging terms in the modern history of the American presidency, Mr. Obama has saved our economy, improved our laws and elevated our voices. I will cast my vote proudly for the president, with excitement for the four years ahead.

"Totally unwarranted. Nothing to see here folks."

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"On a side note, why is he capitalizing “country”? An attempt at sanctification?"

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"I'll see your 2014 detention centre, and raise you a 2000 Elian Gonzalez."

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"Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrumpDemocrats are the problem. They don’t care about crime and want ..."

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  • PandaRosa

    To all concerned voters, be acquainted with the antithesis, (link): http://www.scifiwright.com/2012/11/vote-as-if-your-life-depends-on-it/#more-6625

  • mcc

    A thing that I’ve started more and more thinking, especially reading Fred’s LB stuff, is that there is no form of wishful thinking more poisonous than the belief that the end is near, that the revolution is coming, that the system is about to collapse soon. Apocalypse predictions are really about the hope that someone is about to come and take all the problems away for us, and we are thus relieved of having to fix them.

  • Morilore

    Wow, that was entertaining.

  • Antigone10

    That had a couple major flaws in logic.

    I’m voting for Obama, because I think he’s going to be better for the country.  But, should Romney be elected president, the country will still stand.  It will harm a great many people, but the country goes on.  Bush the lesser couldn’t destroy it, and Romney’s not the first classist jerk to become president.

    We will endure, one way or another.  We’re not France, we don’t do peasant revolutions.  

  • Claude

    Oh man, that was hilarious. Let them eat cheesecake!


    Apocalypse predictions are really about the hope that someone is about
    to come and take all the problems away for us, and we are thus relieved
    of having to fix them.

    (nods) Often, yes. I find suicidal ideation is like this for me sometimes, too.

  • Julian Elson

    Sorry to get into a possibly tangential issue, but IMHO the weirdest thing about the Wright post, is that his problem with the French revolution seems like while he acknowledges the real atrocities involved in the revolution in passing, his  focus is on the coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte. (“So, then, eighteen years separates the insolvency of Louis from the Coronation of the Emperor.”) I mean, France goes from an absolute monarchy to a different absolute monarchy? So what? I guess you could say that Napoleon got lots of dudes killed in war, but France was hardly pacifist under the Bourbons, and lots of dudes died in the Thirty Years War, War of Spanish Succession, etc, too.

    For my money, though, the best line is that the French revolution was  “about equalizing the productive and the poor by savaging the productive.” Ancien régime France was divided into the estates of the rich and productive and the poor and unproductive? First time I’ve heard it. Probably many rich aristocrats of deuxième état would have been offended to be compared to a merely “productive” person, as if they were mere troisième état entrepreneurs, grasping for money in the grubby world of commerce and business like lowborn bourgeoisie. Although of course some aristocrats were productive, like Lavoisier, even if they would have considered themselves hobbyists or scholars rather “producers.”

  • Anyone considering PandaRosa’s link… don’t get off the boat! The stupid is fast and deep over there…

    Some mangos:

    To my leftist reader… I will ask you to sit this one out, and so keep your principles intact.

    To independent or undecided voters… You will not offend your ideals by voting for a less than ideal candidate

    Yeah! Them’s some good double-standards there!

     if you dare open your mouth to them, expect to be treated like Joe the Plumber…

    …to be made into a media sensation, given publicity, book deals, and achieve a certain level of fame, despite being neither a plumber, nor named Joe.

    Once a man is addicted to socialized medicine, he lacks the manhood needed to break the addiction. 

    Yup folks, they went there.

    If we keep to the schedule set by the French Revolution, the Emperor of America will be crowned in 2015. 

    Someone really should save the link, and in December of 2015, send it back to the author. Not that I expect being flagrantly wrong about every prediction will in any way deter their world views. 

    Even these unlikely first steps…would not undo the damage already done to our laws and customs and to the spirit of the West by everything from the New Deal to going off the gold standard…

    That there is some grade A crazy. I have to stop now, before my co-workers wonder what I’m laughing at.

  • connorboone

    Wow… There’s someone who has very little grasp of reality.  Counting on your fingers to warn us of the impending Emperor of America.

    As to his comments about socialism and how it tries to violate economic realities, I give to you my favorite counter-argument (taken from a high-level deconstruction of D&D economics):

    “It is historical fact that you can take a ridiculous and crumbling imperium with serfs and horse-drawn carts managed by a tyrannical and squabbling aristocracy and boot strap it into being a technologically sophisticatedglobal power that can win the space race and such in a single generation even while being invaded by an evil and genocidal empire. The people at the top don’t even need to be nice or sane, they just have to understand that economics is an entirely voodoo science, and the limits of production can be broken by thousands of percentage points by getting everyone to buy on credit, work on projects that people looking at the big picture tell them to work on, continuously invest in productive capital, and believe in the future.Right. That’s called Communism, and it ends the dark ages immediately even if it isn’t run well.”

    http://turing.bard.edu/~mk561/frank_k_0.5.1.pdf is the link for the curious – the section I particularly enjoyed is called the Economicon.

  • Morilore

    Anachronistic grafting of current social ideas to prior eras seems to be a habit of radical right-wingers.  Google “Roman empire socialism” one of these days and boggle at the stupidity.

  • connorboone

    He’s also very good about specifically making everything about men.

    Presumably white, heterosexual and landed men, as well.

  •  To all concerned voters, be acquainted with the antithesis, (link): http://www.scifiwright.com/201…

    The fuck is that?  Reelecting Obama = French Revolution?  Well, at least they’re not calling him a Socialist…

  • P J Evans

     I thought it took the Communists two generations to do that.

  • P J Evans

    I had to google the guy to find out what he’d written. (Nothing that I’ve actually seen or read.)

  • Eminnith

    If I didn’t know full well who John C. Wright is and what his views are, I would read that column as an over-the-top parody. I would laugh and laugh and laugh. But I do know the views of John C. Wright and I know people who agree with him, so I close the tab and sigh.

  • connorboone

    Well, to be fair, winning the space race took a generation and a half-ish – Revolution in 1917, Sputnik in 1959.  So, 42 years, and I usually count a generation as 25 years.

    I didn’t write that, I just like it.

  • Eminnith

    John C. Wright has in the past said some rather histrionic things about gays. And women. And those damn kids on his lawn.

  • JustoneK


  • Uh-vatar! (inside joke for anyone familiar with ATLA/TLOK :P )

  • JustoneK

    I am, and I have no idea what that means.  Is it a Season 2 Korra thing?

  • Apocalypse predictions are really about the hope that someone is about to come and take all the problems away for us, and we are thus relieved of having to fix them.

    It’s nice that the folks who long for the apocalypse of “Left Behind” appear to agree that they are, in fact the ‘problems that are all taken away’ 

  •  If we keep to the schedule set by the French Revolution, the Emperor of America will be crowned in 2015.

    He forgot that we already HAD an Emperor? That has to be the most ignorant statement in the entire screed! 

  • GyroNinja

    Obviously he means the SECOND Emperor of the United States will be crowned, seeing as how the first died 132 years ago.

  • P J Evans

     He probably isn’t counting the first one. Heck, he might not even know about the first one.

  • :P Shyamalan had characters mispronounce Avatar that way, and when Bryke introduced that into Korra, putting it in Tahno’s mouth (after all, canon douchebag to start off with) they were clearly making fun of the Last Airbender movie. :P

  • EllieMurasaki

    What movie?

  • I LOL’ed. :P

  • The_L1985

     The fact that that is even a thing to be Googled hurts my brain.

  • redsixwing

     So few people pay homage to the Emperor of the United States any more. It’s sad.

    Can I be a conservative if I say we should go back to having an Emperor? Ze can pull the same wages as the first one, even. >: )

  • BaseDeltaZero

    Wow, that makes me look bright and cheery!

  • Consumer Unit 5012

     Only “a couple”?  That article was flat-out delusional start-to-finish.

    One that stood out for me:  “The state would protect the citizen from foreign invasion and domestic insurrection and tumult,“… sadly, pompous guy’s blog requires a login to comment so I couldn’t ask him if that included The State squashing slave revolts.

    Because it’s really REALLY hypocritical to talk about the founding of the United States and leave that out.

    (Oh, and this post of his is comedy gold (WARNING:  Contains astounding amounts of misogyny, misanthropy, kvetching about urban fantasy heroines, and anime girls dressed as Nazis.)