Black Friday

No shopping. Just lots of leaves and the sorts of errands one has to run before going to one’s wife’s 25th high school reunion in the evening.

Hope your Black Friday was more enjoyable. Have an open thread and some Mumford. (Left Behind will resume next Friday.)


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  • flat

    what No left behind friday.

    This truly is BLACK friday

  • flat

    by the way.


  • ReverendRef

    I’m not too good at doing the linking thing (no, I do not have mad computer skillz), but I thought I’d give this a try because this is always worth listening to on or around Thanksgiving.

    Have some pumpkin pie and enjoy.

  • aunursa

    Bailey sat back down. “To tell you the truth, when I first took the call from the guy at Seaboard, I thought he was calling for a reference on you, Cameron. I was thinking, if I lose both these turkeys the same. week, I’m taking early retirement.

    Can we get that stuff out of the way, before I make Plank tell me what else he knows?”
    “Yeah, that’s it,” Plank joined in. “I’m Williams’s boss from the Weekly!”
    “Sure you are,” a plainclothesman said, stuffing him into an unmarked car.”

    “You think I don’t know you squashed my last request?”
    “I didn’t exactly squash it. I just said—”
    “You might as well have.”

    On the screen, pilgrims swooned as they neared the bier, graced by Nicolae in his glory.

    Tsion knew that praying was figuratively boldly approaching the throne, but he had never felt such a physical proximity to the creator God. Knees sliding back, palms forward, he lay prostrate, his forehead pressing into the musty carpet, nose mashed flat.

    Spontaneously, the crowd at Teddy Kollek Stadium stood as Tsion’s voice rose and fell. Buck held Chloe tight and wanted to shout amen as Tsion thundered on. “They will cry with a loud voice, saying, ‘Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!’
    “The angels around the throne will fall on their faces and worship God, saying, ‘Amen! Blessing and glory and wisdom, thanksgiving and honor and power and might, be to our God forever and ever. Amen.’ ”

    I am tired of pompous so-called prophecies, of gloom and doom, and of pie in the sky by and by!

  • esmerelda_ogg

     Oh, give the man a break – this is a holiday weekend, after all. ;-D

  • ReverendRef

    Well, dang . . . THAT didn’t work.  If anyone can tell me how to link to another site, I’d appreciate it.  I’m on my way out the door for a few days at the beach, so I’ll look for your tips later.

  • Tricksterson

    Anyone who goes shopping on Black friday is a masochist.  And where did that term come from anyway?

  • Lunch Meat

    We are really thankful this Thanksgiving–my great uncle (73 years old with cognitive/memory problems) went missing on Tuesday and was found this morning! Hope everyone else’s Thanksgiving is as blessed as ours is!

  • Michael Pullmann

     Which one, Black Friday or masochist? Black Friday comes from financial terminology; as the biggest shopping day of the year, it’s what most retail outlets count on to be “in the black”. As for masochist, Google tells me it’s from the name of an Austrian novelist who was famously a sexual submissive. (And yes, I know submissiveness isn’t the same as wanting to be hurt; take it up with Richard von Krafft-Ebing, who coined the term).

  • Tricksterson

    Black Friday.

  • cjmr

    Actually, went I went after 1 p.m. to do my regular errands, the stores were fully staffed, no more busy than an average weekend day, and all the employees were friendly and pleasant.  I was amazed!

  • esmerelda_ogg

     Linking to another site – here’s how:

    First, go to the site you want, highlight the address (it should be in a little window near the top of the screen), and copy it (click Edit – Copy, or hold down the Ctrl key and press C). Then go to the Comment window and type the following*

    * Note:  where I typed THE ADDRESS YOU COPIED? Of course, you want to replace that with, well, the address you copied. To plug in the correct address, at that point either click Edit – Paste or hold down the Ctrl key and press V.

  • Jenny Islander

    Since this is an open thread, I’m trying to find a blog that was started by a musician specializing in CCM who fell in love with a daughter of a patriarchal, Dominionist family and endured being jerked around by her father’s power games for months before being dumped on the grounds that he would not agree that her father farted ice cream and everybody outside the family was headed for Hell.  After he had purged the abscess of his grief and anger, he went on to articles about patriarchal theology, Christian dominionism, etc.

  • P J Evans

    I think you want [a href=”url”] text [/a], with the usual angle brackets around it.
    For this the URL should start with ‘’.

  • P J Evans

     I understand that they’d opened early enough that in most areas the people who had to be first in line had already finished shopping and gone home by the time the sun came up.

  • Jenora Feuer

    Arrg, I’m pretty sure I know what you’re referring to, and I remember reading some of that many months back…  was linked to from Libby Anne’s ‘Love, Joy, Feminism’ blog at one point.  But I can’t for the life of me remember any more specific details just yet, at least not ones useful for search terms.

  • What the others may have overlooked is that your URL is for embedding, not linking.  So, to really do it right, you have to take the hash-up* after the “/embed/” part, and put it after a “”, so you end up with this:
    <a href=””></a&gt;

    * probably not a real word; I just made it up for the semi-random hash part of the URL.

  • Jenora Feuer

     Found it.  Commandments of Men.  The whole bit about the time with his girlfriend is under The Joke Was On Me.

  • I just paste the URL verbatim when I’m too lazy to a href it.

  • Katie

    Thanks for linking to that blog.  I read it some time ago, and the entire story was incredibly sad. 
    Its also a perfect illustration of why that kind of Quiverfull, Dominionist crazy is going to have a hard time lasting very long.  When every family is pretty much its own cult, trying to find someone suitable, especially for the daughters, is almost impossible.

    Think you might have been overthinking it. Just copy the link and stick it in the post screen.

  • Awhile back, I *THINK* it was on this blog’s comment sections, there was this great speech attributed to the dragon Smaug about the accumulation of wealth, rather obviously as an allegory for the 1%.

    Anyone know what I’m talking about, or did that happen in the alt-universe? I hate it when that happens.

  • Chris

    The “in the black” explanation of Black Friday was made up by someone’s marketing department after the name came to the attention of the general public.  It, like various other Black Days Of The Week, was originally a negative term.  The most plausible origin I’ve read for it had the term created by traffic cops, then spreading among retail workers.

  • The_L1985

    Try &lta href= “website location”&gt Link Text &lt/a&gt

    Replace “Link Text” with what you want people to click on, and Website Location with the place you’re sending them. Make sure the website address is in quotation marks, though, or it won’t work.

  • The_L1985

    Probably retail workers–for whom it is a dark day indeed.

  • The_L1985

    Mornings are killer, and it’s always worst in shopping malls. I had no trouble at all getting groceries–everybody else must have been in the toy stores or something.

  • P J Evans

     And for that matter, most of the places with really good sales numbers for ‘black Friday’ have lower numbers for the last month of the year.

  • Should have hit “Dislike”, this is so groan-worthy :-), and far too good for the likes of our two favorite worst authors.

    Guess I really am a godless commie, didn’t do my good Amurican duty by getting up at 2am and going to get trampled as I go bankrupt at Walmart buying electronic crap that will just break two days after Christmas.FWIW, my grandmother always used to call Good Friday “Black Friday”, referring to the Crucifixtion; she could never see anything “good” about the death of Christ. 

  • The_L1985

    I’ve been thinking of going the homemade route this year, since I’ve learned new baking tricks. Most of my store-bought gifts were already home waiting to be wrapped by Thanksgiving. Mom actually bought some of my gifts right in front of me at the mall.

  • Jessica_R

    I had to work an overnight from 8:45 to 5:15 this morning, and then come back from 1:30-6:00, amazingly it was not all that bad. I shouldn’t have to had work overnight in the first place, but in my years in the various circles of Retail Hell I’ve had much, much worse Black Fridays. 

    I’m kinda fried at the moment so a Hickory Farms Sampler of links. 

    A not quite good musical I’ve got a weak spot for, cause I love Christmas.

    A quite good TV special that has a song that always makes my heart feel that sweet melancholy of winter.

    And finally one of my fave episodes ever, “Oh I suppose Hell got an NEA grant!”

  • LoneWolf343

  • Now, wait just a cotton-pickin’… did you just read my?? What? (stomps off smiling, feeling pleased with himself).

  • I have always thought it a bit odd that a “Black Friday” should be named for a shopping date, when “Black Thursday” happens to be named for the Crash of 1929, and the Crash of 1987, “Black Monday”.

  • A few days back I told a friend of mine that the only mall I was willing to go to on Black Friday was the National Mall, so today we met up at the Smithsonian Metro Station and went wandering around museums. I didn’t do anything special on Thanksgiving (didn’t even eat any turkey!), so doing something fun today (and eating a turkey sandwich in the cafe of the National Museum of the American Indian) finally put me in a holiday mood.

    Helpful information for anyone who might ever be in the vicinity of Washington, DC on a holiday:
    The following is a list of all the days the Smithsonian museums are scheduled to be closed:
    December 25.

    And now, the much longer list of all days the National Gallery of Art is scheduled to be closed:
    January 1
    December 25.

    Clearly, this is part of that War on Christmas we’ve all heard about.

  • cjmr

    Yes.  Black Friday is pretty bleak from the employee side.

    It’s been forever since I worked retail, but there were two years in a row when I closed shop Wednesday night, cooked all day Thursday, got up at 3 a.m. to hit the stores myself Friday morning before our store opened, and then worked (cashier) 9 to 6.  Back in the dark ages when only one store opened before 4 a.m. and that was Walmart.

  • Jenny Islander

    Here you go:


    Once the worm-laid egg shattered in the wood.I came forth shining into the trembling wood;The sun was on my scales, dew upon, the grasses.The cold, sweet grasses and the sticky leaves,I loved my speckled mate. We played at druery [marriage]And sucked warm milk dropping from the ewes’ teats.Now I keep watch on the gold in my rock caveIn a country of stones; old, deplorable dragon,Watching my hoard. In winter night the goldFreezes through tough scales my cold belly;Jagged crowns, cruelly twisted rings,Icy and knobb’d, are the old dragon’s bed.Often I wish I had not eaten my wife(Though worm grows not to dragon till he eats worm).She could have helped me, watch and watch about,Guarding the gold; the gold would have been safer.I could uncoil my tired body and takeSometimes a little sleep when she was watching.Last night under the moonset a fox barked,Startled me; then I knew I had been sleeping.Often an owl flying over the country of stonesStartles me; then I think that I must have slept,Only a moment. That very moment a ManMight have come from the towns to steal my gold.They make plots in the towns to take my gold,They whisper of me in the houses, making plans,Merciless men. Have they not ale upon the benches,Warm wives in bed, and song, and sleep the whole night?I leave my cave once only in the winterTo drink at the rock pool; in summer twice.They have no pity for the old, lugubrious dragon.Lord that made the dragon, grant me thy peace,But say not that I should give up the gold,Nor move, nor die. Others would have the gold.Kill rather, Lord, the Men and the other dragons;Then I can sleep; go when I will to drink.

                                                            –C.S. Lewis

    If the headnote, which may have been added by an editor, is correct, this is a piece of fanfic in poem format: C.S. Lewis ficcing for his friend J.R.R. Tolkien.  And, yes, I’m the one who suggested it as an allegory for the 1 Percent.  A lot of them seem to have dragon sickness.

    @LoneWolf: Thanks for the link!

  • Jenny Islander

    Fraggit, it looked like a conventional blank verse poem when I set it up!  

  • stardreamer42

     That’s an urban legend. Think about it — if you had a store that ran in the red 11 months out of the year, how long would you be in business?

    “Black Friday” originates not from the 1% but from the people on the front lines — the clerks in retail stores, and the police who have to direct traffic around major shopping centers. For them, it is “Black Friday” — a nightmare, the worst and most exhausting day of the year. Nor do the profits it makes for the 1% ever “trickle down” to the people doing the actual work.

  • stardreamer42
  • Amaryllis

    “Christianity, white men, heterosexuality, meritocracy, Christmas. These are the relics of a distant culture. Let’s not kid ourselves.”


    It’s been a difficult few days, so, thanks for pointing me toward that laugh.

  • Albanaeon

    I actually broke my “NO BLACK FRIDAY” rule today.  It was surprisingly painless.   Of course it was late afternoon/evening so the truly erm… motivated people were long gone.  

  • Thanks! Does it count as fanfic if the author is as famous as the original author AND they were close friends? I don’t know what else I’d call it — commentary, I guess. There’s a lot of that among the authors commonly associated with H.P.Lovecraft. 


    interview with guy from Hostess Bakers Union on CNBC (obviously)

  • Carstonio

    “Heathens” is an ugly word in the extreme and has no place in the discussion. And since when is “anti-authoritarianism” a bad thing, unless the lawyer wrongly assumes that it’s the same as anti-authority?

  • Tricksterson

    Yeah, the fanatics greatest weakness IMHGO is their hostility towards other sincere but sane Christians.

  • Michael Pullmann

    Well, I guess I learned something new today. (Although I love how my repeating the version I always heard somehow morphed into me being a Randroid propagandist. Oh, Internet; never change.)

  • Lori

    The video in the link won’t open for me. Is it the one where the Hostess employee explains how the company stole the workers’ pension and why they turned down the huge pay cut the company wanted them to take (while paying the CEO a huge bonus) or the later one where they brought in the anti-union lobbyist to talk over him?

    If people want to see the segment where the Hostess employee actually gets to talk or if they’d like to hear an extended interview where he explains what’s been going on over the last few years between Hostess and the union, they can find the links here:

  • Lori- same interview (first one) 

    edit: that second one was corny. Caruso Cabrera > Bartiromo

  • Tricksterson

    You now have me fantasizing what a story collaboration between C.S. Lewis and H. P. Lovecraft or J. R. R. Tolkien and Robert E. Howard would look like, especially the llatter. Feel free to switch the partnerships. 

  • Tricksterson

    Ubnless you’re a northern tradition pagan.  They seek to reclaim the word much like Wiccans do “witch”