5 years ago: ‘Before the Internet’

From this blog on Jan. 2, 2008: ‘Before the Internet.’

I find that strangely inspiring and hopeful. We speak words or write them on paper or on the screen and we can never be sure who will hear them or read them or photocopy or forward them. You might write something in the comment section here on this D-list, off-brand blog and years from now some think-tank hack could be attacking it or some conference presenter could be including it as a PowerPoint slide intended to inspire. Cast your bread on the water and loaves and fishes and the kingdom is like a mustard seed and all that.

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  • A parody church bulletin I created one dull afternoon (Example: “The children are braised in butter and clam sauce”)  for the amusement of a few friends in the music ministry wound up years later in a seminary hundreds of miles away as a cautionary tale about not annoying the church secretary.

  • AnonaMiss

    Any particular reason this comes up now, Fred?

    I mean it’s a good story but I’m curious about what brought you to remember it now.

  • I like looking at search terms people use to find my sex blog. Most of them are what you’d expect, but you get the occasional “wtf”. It’s especially fun when the wtf ones are the ones who end up spending the most time reading things. Maybe I caught a Fundie and opened her mind a bit, or at least gave her some smut to have fun with. Best-case scenario: she bought a sex toy from one of my links. I do so hope it’s happened.