3 New Tabs



Hey look, three new tabs.

At the top of the blog here, just under that graffiti-ish masthead-y thing, you’ll find three new tabs labeled “The Bonfire,” “Xn QUILTblogs” and “The Mosaic.”

Those are the lists I began compiling late last year in an attempt to discover and to share the diversity of the Christian blogosphere. The Bonfire is a list of Christian women bloggers, the Christian QUILTblogs list is of LGBT Christian bloggers, and The Mosaic is a list of Christian bloggers of color.

I started these lists, admittedly, as a snarky response last Fall to yet-another list of the “Top Christian Blogs” that seemed to assume “Christian” was a synonym for straight white men. “Where are all the Christian women bloggers?” someone asked, so I started collecting an answer.

But then doing so turned out to be rewarding and enriching for me. I was discovering dozens of smart, inspiring, challenging and insightful voices I hadn’t encountered before. This is a Good Thing.

I’m also looking to find more such voices from folks who aren’t Christians too, of course. These particular lists are limited in their scope, but the idea is not to impose or enforce limits, so please don’t let the limits of these lists limit you. The point of these lists, for me, is that there are many more Christian voices worth hearing, so I do not want anyone to mistake this for the suggestion that only Christian voices are worth hearing.

Anyway, these lists are not ranked or categorized or filtered for ideology or theology. Nor are they anywhere near complete. If you know of a blog that ought to be included in any of these lists — including your own, don’t be shy — please let me know about it at slacktivist [at] hotmail [dot] com. Thanks.

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  • Sgt. Pepper’s Bleeding Heart

    That’s good stuff, Fred.

  • Sisuile Butler

    I’m going to suggest http://ad-sum-domine.blogspot.com for the bonfire. It’s a little sporadic, but that happens…

  • Cathy W

    I wonder if a different name than “Quiltblogs” could be found for the LGBT tab? Admittedly I’m slightly medicated at the moment, but I saw the tab up there and wondered when you got into fiber arts.

  • Thanks for including my blog djchuang.com in The Mosaic blogroll. It took me quite an effort to figure out how to add a comment about it; might be helpful if there was an obvious link on that Mosaic blogroll page http://www.patheos.com/blogs/slacktivist/the-mosaic/ so people can respond to your request there: “So I’m asking for help here, because apparently I need it.”