3 years ago: Hardball, 42 ’47 44

From this blog, Jan. 27, 2010: Hardball, 42 ’47 44

The opposing teams had gone crazy too, tossing out the rule book when it came to this man they viewed as an illegitimate intruder, as someone they vowed would never be allowed to belong, never be given a fair chance to do what he’d been called on to do. They hoped to see him fail and so they played dirty — spiking, beaning, tripping, spitting — what would once have been unthinkable became routine. And like the mob in the stands, they took pride in what was shameful, congratulating one another on their despicable achievements.

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  • reynard61

    If that ain’t the perfect description of the Rethuglican attitude toward President Obama’s first term, I don’t know what is. And for all their efforts, they now they have to deal with him for a *second* term…

  • http://twitter.com/FearlessSon FearlessSon

    He broke the race barrier on a position which traditionally only went to white people.  

    Try as they might, no one can put the genie back in the bottle.  Every step forward cannot be taken back, even if some might try.  

  • reynard61

    “He broke the race barrier on a position which traditionally only went to white people.

    “Try as they might, no one can put that genie back in the bottle. Every step forward cannot be taken back, even if some might try.”

    So say we all, bro! So say we all…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ann-Unemori/100001112760232 Ann Unemori

    They’ll never stop trying, never. The one thing worse than any one of the despised getting respect is that one of US, the Privileged, the True Chosen, would dare DARE defend one of Them, for any reason whatsoever…
    I wish my tongue were in my cheek.

  • David Starner

     I think that ignores American history; we did a pretty darn good job of putting the racial genie back in the bottle between 1880 and 1950, to the point that people forget that Jackie Robinson wasn’t the first black baseball player, just the first one in a long time.

  • Sgt. Pepper’s Bleeding Heart

    The description of the captain’s act of solidarity reminded me of a great incident in the AFL last year. A “fan” was hurling racist abuse at a player when the opposition mark called the game to a halt, called over the referee and pointed out his opponent’s abuser in the stands. He then said he’d be prepared to give a sworn statement to what he witnessed. The “fan” (a high-level club member of long standing) was banned from the club, and the ground, for life.