5 years ago: Without warrant

March 1, 2008, on this blog: Without warrant

I want to write today about an immensely important topic, the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the vital, inviolable rights it guarantees.

These rights are not mere perks or privileges, but necessary, essential rights for all the people in any free society, any nation in which the rule of law means more than …

Wait, hold on a sec. What? … Ricin? Are you sure? … Omigod, where? Las Vegas?

Holy crap — They found ricin in Las Vegas!!!

Screw the Fourth Amendment — this is terrifying. Warrants schmarrants — just do what ya gotta do to keep me safe.

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  • It’s interesting to me that the script stays the same for every Amendment except the 2nd.

    “Oh, my god; how many people died from gun violence last month?  Oh, that’s not so bad.  Suck it up; you’re not taking my assault rifle.”

  • J_Enigma23

     But of course; after all, the second amendment is what protects the
    other amendments. After all, how else do you explain the strong,
    reinforced nature of the 4th amendment today – why the government wouldn’t touch that out of fear for their *lives* – were it not for brave
    couch-potato patriots with their cafe selection of shotguns, flags, and REAL AMERICAN PATRIOTISM(tm), who protect it from miles away, in Assendia, the capital city of the state of Self
    Importance? You couldn’t! That’s why you liberals don’t know anything. You don’t have REAL AMERICAN PATRIOTISM(tm).

  • Lliira

     The War on Drugs has done an amazing job at dismantling human rights in our country. Somehow “illegal drugs are bad!” has become dogma that justifies doing anything whatsoever to people involved in any way in the illegal drug trade, or even suspected as such. We use “addict” as an insult that means “do anything you want to this person”. A woman’s children can be taken away from her just because someone says she’s an addict — not because her children are suffering. Another woman can be denied medical care and left to die in a jail cell in unbearable pain because she had “drug-seeking behavior” in trying to alleviate her horrible pain. The jails are so packed with victims of the War on Drugs that there is no room for violent recidivists.

    And the fact that this all falls much harder on people who are neither rich nor white than on people with at least one of those traits: why, that must justify the War on Drugs! We are trying to save those people from themselves! It serves the same function as the workhouses in the Victorian era.

  • fredgiblet

    Except the workhouses were probably more productive.  I just wonder how much better our society would be if we dropped it as the failed clusterfrak it is.

  • fredgiblet

    Actually the script is the same, but half the people aren’t reading it.

  • tsig

    A man’s home is his prison.

  • It serves the same function as the workhouses in the Victorian era.

    Rounding up poor people to serve as cheap labor and profit the rich? Indeed.

    A few years ago I started doing research into why the USA’s prison system is so messed up. I came to the conclusion that it is working exactly as intended.