So’s your mother

“Instead of preventing the stoning of an adulteress, as Jesus did, they would have gone looking for bigger rocks.”

“I think they are just constantly looking for excuses to not change it.”

“I had to look for validation and affirmation outside the doors of the church. There was none to be found within.”

“That thing where a woman makes a suggestion and it gets ignored, and then a man suggests it and people fall over themselves to praise it? It’s happened to me. It’s happened to virtually every woman I know.”

“From the Sanhedrin, to the Salem witch trials to the Taliban to grim Congressional hearings, we seem to have no shortage of men eager to claim ultimate authority over a woman’s life — or rights.”

“If we’re Christians, we might admit that our world has a sinful relationship with power, and as a Church, we are chief among sinners.”

I don’t want to identify with the Proverbs 31 woman; I want to identify with Jesus.”

“Here we were in the grocery store at 10 P.M. on a Sunday night, having been married for less than an hour, when I first felt the critical spirit rise within me.”

“A new report from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research shows that the pay gap between men and women increased between 2011 and 2012, leaving women making $163 less per week.”

“[Mortgage] applications involving a wide variety of income levels and lending amounts that have a woman listed as the primary borrower and a man listed as co-borrower were 24 percent less likely to have a loan approved compared to applications that listed the man first.”

“Politicians who try to be funny often struggle. Politicians who try to be funny about state-mandated, medically-unnecessary, trans-vaginal ultrasounds invariably fail.”

“Since an appearance on Hannity on Tuesday [Zerlina Maxwell has] basically been under an escalating online assault filled with racist epithets and threats of rape all for stating what I think is a fairly straightforward opinion on the intersecting issues of guns and rape.”

“As a female blogger, I can absolutely vouch that there are men who feel horrifyingly comfortable telling me about all sorts of violent fantasies they wish to act upon my person because they’ve disagreed with something I’ve written.”

“If you’re one of those terrible people who shows up at abortion clinics to yell at patients and shame them for their sexual choices, you have a greater than one in ten chance every week of yelling invective at a woman who had a man force sex on her against her will. No wonder they pretend it doesn’t happen.”

“The main message of the ministry of Jesus that I see is one of liberation and justice, and to me, contraception is tied directly, for women, to their economic liberation, to their emotional and spiritual liberation.”

“I do not mind that you are a girl, but the main thing is that you yourself do not mind.”

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  • “Someone on the Internet” is a far closer circle than, say, “People I’ve never met or talked to”. Everyone has their limits on compassion, otherwise you’d be broke and paralyzed with indecision. It’s just that some people are TOO limited.

    I’ll admit having a lot more compassion for someone if I just talk to them for even a sentence or two, even over the internet, rather than if they’re abstract entities. I can’t care about thousands of war dead in Iraq as much as I can care about one FB friend from Baghdad who posts once in a blue moon, frex.

  • I don’t know how true it is anymore, but at one point – back when I worked in a tech support call center – I read that one of the biggest problems with the people working in outsourced call centers was that they were overqualified. Many of them had Engineering or CS degrees, but were not able to find any sort of gainful employment in their areas of expertise so they ended up working in call centers.
    I often saw some evidence of this when I would get a call from a customer who had previously called in for support and gotten one of the outsourced call centers. The phone techs had talked them through all sorts of rather in-depth troubleshooting of their computers, helping them install new drivers, and often stopping just short of walking them through a complete format and reinstall of the OS, but hadn’t actually come close to fixing the actual problem, which was usually something much more simple and specific to the actual software (the AOL client software), not the OS or the computer itself.

  • (New feature!: Disqus will now delete your writing-in-process if you switch windows too often. AAARGH.)

    Agreed that holding lack of qualification against outsourced agents but less against western agents is racist. I will need to work on that. I’ve just had a lot of terrible experiences with outsourced agents, including one particularly horrible week where I spent several hours every day with Verizon’s team in Mumbai, trying to find someone who could manually set up a new customer account.

    The weird thing is,Verizon’s Mumbai ITS solutions department actually asks for qualifications which should have made it an easy task to help me. The fact that I spent five days talking to people who seemed to have no comprehension of what I was talking about left me with such a sour taste in my mouth that I’ve had a grudge against companies which use outsourced customer service teams ever since. Language barriers exacerbate the difficulty of communicating concepts that one or both parties may not fully understand and I don’t think it’s a problem that companies should ever be willing to lay upon customers to save a few bucks on labor.

    For the record, though, I don’t really blame the people at the jobs. It’s extremely good pay — the Mumbai department apparently gets paid $3000/annually, which I gather is quite good in India (although I wish American companies were obliged to pay American wages for outsourced employees). It puts me in mind of HMO claims departments and having to do terrible things to make a living — the job is terrible, not the employees.

  • Well, as far out of the circle as you can get without being unable to interact with them entirely, perhaps. :p

  • I found the January post this reminded me so much of. Empathy is a long climb. Same thing all over again, senator has a stroke, and is suddenly all for stroke benefits of Medicaid.

  • EllieMurasaki

    My interaction with Disqus is primarily via replying to emailed comment notifs. I have no idea how to use email to reply directly to a post.

  • Testing e-mail reply function…

  • How about that. I just hit Reply in my e-mail client (gmail specifically) and typed in my reply above the quoted text. I don’t know how to reply to the main post though, just to other replies.

  • EllieMurasaki

    My point precisely.

  • Lunch Meat

    If they don’t give back the option to unthread comments, I am just not going to spend as much time in the comment section. I follow too many blogs to waste time reading through any comment thread more than once to see if I missed a reply. There’s no way to have a conversation unless I subscribe to the whole thing. (And no, Disqus, you are not ever at all getting my email.)

  • banancat

    The fact that I spent five days talking to people who seemed to have no
    comprehension of what I was talking about left me with such a sour taste
    in my mouth that I’ve had a grudge against companies which use
    outsourced customer service teams ever since.

    This isn’t an excuse for racism though. People who speak English as a first language are frequently condescending and/or incompetent.

    As for the language barrier, in my experience, phone technicians from other countries speak English as well as from the U.S. I don’t automatically assume the worst when I hear an accent, but maybe I have some special amazing talent where I can understand English even with an accent.

  • I know. *Sighs* It’s an artifact from before I started being more conscious of this sort of thing. As I said, I’ll work on it. I shouldn’t be associating frustration with any group of people based on race alone. That’s bad. I know this is bad.

    You probably meant that last bit sarcastically, but it’s kind of a thing, actually. I’m terrible with voices and need people to speak clearly or else I constantly mishear what they’re saying, even when they’re as familiar as my significant other (whose accent is only slightly different from mine). I trip up over any dialogue regularly. It’s a bad enough problem that I hate watching movies without closed captioning. It’s not that I don’t hear what someone’s saying, it just… jumbles together into gibberish. If I’m then hearing words pronounced in a manner I’m not used to, that just makes it worse.

    (This is actually why I threw a bunch of non-English music into the Tune That Name: A thread. Since I know the vocals are in another language, I can stop trying to make sense of them and just enjoy their addition to the song’s texture.)

  • As a hearing impaired person, I will right now point out that (a) not being able to speechread over the phone and (b) the other person having a heavy accent equate to a very frustrating experience.

    It is not racism to state that communication is being hindered due to factors beyond one’s control.

  • The other thing is that Fred moved off Typepad and onto Disqus precisely because Disqus would pay him some money for the writing he does.

    Is there any competitor that would pay him as much, or more? I don’t know.

  • You will be missed :(

  • Lori

    Disqus doesn’t pay Fred, Patheos does. Which, now that I think about it, probably means that Fred has zero control over which commenting system is used here.

    In the past I’ve actually been pretty patient with Disqus, even when it irritated me, because no commenting system is perfect. That’s over. I now officially hate them.

  • The_L1985

    That’s not the sort of telephone calls I’m talking about. When I was in high school, I once forgot to copy down a homework assignment. All the girls were out that evening, so I had to call a boy. Now, I had no romantic desire for this young man at all; I was calling for one and only one reason, and that was to get the assignment so I could do my homework. But in my father’s eyes, I Called A Boy and that just isn’t right.

  • The_L1985

    I like the date-posted system because sometimes I check back in to a comment thread, and it’s easier to see what’s been posted since I was last there. Really, both views are useful to different people.

  • Tim

    I’ll go against the flow here and actually comment on your post: Love the excerpts and how they provoke me to think. Here’s another take on how people misapply Prover31:

  • I didn’t say I understood the paradigm very well.